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Everything That You Need To Go Diving In Koh Tao

Explore the Best Scuba Diving Sites in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful place to enjoy the bounties of the seas, and to marvel at the beautiful underwater vistas. And with many different areas perfect for scuba diving, Koh Tao is the one that has been legendary among different diving circles. 

However, if you want to experience that magical diving experience, you need to enroll in a dive club or dive school. And with most of these potential divers not being native, these diving schools often collaborate with top-tier resorts and hotels to serve their guests.

Koh Tao is Thailand’s most popular dive site, and in fact is the world’s second highest awarder of dive certificates annually, only succeeded by Cairns, Australia. And the simplest reason is that despite those breathtaking vistas that can be experienced diving among the region’s coral reefs, the costs for scuba diving classes and certifications are quite economical. 

So, let’s take a look at what you need for a memorable experience of scuba diving in Thailand.  

Choosing between PADI or SSI training

You can choose from 50+ different scuba diving systems around the world today. However, in Thailand, specifically Koh Tao, you can choose between either the PADI or the SSI systems. PADI is the Professional Association of Dive Instructors, and SSI stands for Scuba Schools International. Both of them develop their own curriculum and teaching materials, based on the World Scuba Training Council’s recommendations, and even issue their own certifications. 

However, do not worry about what certification you should opt for. That is because no matter what you choose, you will end up using the same equipment, diving in the same areas, and looking at the same fish and coral formations. The only difference will be in the quality of the instructor, and the type of school you choose. Even then, there wouldn’t be a noticeable difference in the quality of your dive. 

Each association has ties with different resorts near Koh Tao. Based on what suits your budget and requirements; you can go to the dive school that is associated with your resort. 

Choosing the best scuba diving school and resort

Scuba diving in Thailand is quite popular with visitors from around the world, and Koh Tao is often the first place they choose to go. There are over 70 different dive schools present in the area, in a region that is just 13 square miles in area! And these schools can be clustered into three different categories, with each diving course category providing a somewhat different experience. 

The biggest dive schools such as Big Blue Dive School or Bans are huge scuba diving schools and resorts that have the capacity to train and certify hundreds of divers each week. They offer diving instructors for guests with different language requirements and are perfect for those who are confident in themselves and can learn to scuba dive without much individual attention. These scuba diving resorts are perfect for those who want this to be a group experience, making new friends among the large groups of strangers they train with. However, they are often too crowded for most people’s comfort. 

Small schools such as the Hydronauts or the Ocean Sound are perfect for those with special needs or preferences for specific facilities. They are perfect for those who are scared of going into the water alone and require a firm individual hand to guide them. And while it can be perfect for some, the drawback is that many of the smaller schools do not have their own facilities and often book them from one of the larger schools. 

However, for the best scuba diving in Thailand, mid-sized schools are the way to go. Places such as Sairee Cottage Diving or Master Divers offer the best of both worlds – more individual attention, as well as a variety of instructors and groups big enough to make friends. 

Top sites for scuba diving in Thailand’s Koh Tao region

Koh Tao has some of the best scuba diving resorts in Thailand, and once you have chosen the one that suits your needs, the next step is to figure out the best places to dive in Koh Tao. Let’s look at some of the best options you need to visit. 

  • The Twins are one of the most common diving sites, which are used for the first two dives of the Open Water diving course. It’s quite shallow, making it perfect for novice divers. Plus the nearby family of saddleback clownfish living inside an anemone is a great sight to behold. 
  • Southwest is a collection of rises under the sea, which are full of soft coral anemones, as well as the pink anemonefish that live among them. The site is situated 13 km southwest of Koh Tao, hence the name, and is often visited by the morning tour boats. The site is great for experiencing a wide variety of local marine life, from barracuda and giant groupers to the occasional sea turtle. 


Overall, scuba diving in Thailand is a thrilling experience and one you will remember for a lifetime. If you too want to book a scuba diving vacation in Koh Tao but do not know how to go about it, then our guide will help you choose the right scuba resort and dive sites to make it a memorable holiday. 

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