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The 4 Most Amazing Things to do in Cambodia

Things to do in Cambodia

Boasting a rich cultural heritage dating back to the Khmer empire, Cambodia has vast ecological and historical spheres to explore. Having just emerged from a period of strife, the country has now been developed as a beautiful travel destination that is both vibrant and varied. Things to do in Cambodia are a fantastic blend of the old and the new, with everything from ancient temples to modern hotels.

Phnom Penh is the national capital and features bustling markets to bars filled to the brim. Angkor Wat is probably the country’s most recognizable feature, being the largest religious monument in the world.

The luxury scene has been booming here, too, with several resorts and hotels making the most of the verdure the country is known for. Here are some of the best –

Song Saa Private Island

Located on two islands in the Koh Rong collective, this private island offers luxury accommodation along with a wellness routine that is integrated with ecology. Thatch and stone villas are carefully appointed with sustainability in mind using local materials and celebrating local art.

Their spa focuses on Buddhist principles and is divided into ‘wellness sanctuaries’ around the island. There are a host of adventures to embark upon here, from snorkeling to kayaking and island safaris.

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Royal Sands Koh Rong

Located on a 400-meter private beach on the island of Koh Rong, The Royal Sands offers an unparalleled 5-star experience. Featuring several ocean views and beachfront villas, some with their own private pools, this property is great for a luxurious getaway.

Tours, called ‘island-hops,’ are organized on foot and on mountain bikes to take in the beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and hilltop views the island is known for. Plenty of fun can also be had on the water with paddle boarding and scuba diving. The crystal-clear waters offer the best opportunity to watch bioluminescent plankton at night.


Commissioned by King Sihanouk as a place for his guests to reside, this beautiful property celebrates Khmer architecture. It is mere minutes from the UNESCO world heritage site of the Angkor Wat set in the spiritual town of Siem Reap. There are 24 sleek suites, several of which feature a private courtyard or plunge pool. Several activities center around the Angkor, which can be toured on cycle or foot.

The floating villages of Tonle Sap are another draw that can be taken in on a cruise. The best way to unwind after a long day’s sightseeing is to relax in the spa, which combines Khmer healing traditions and in-house healing blends.

Shinta Mani Wild

This beautiful 350-hectare property is located between Bokor National Park and Kirirom National Park and helps in the conservation of the locality by actively protecting it from poaching, mining, and logging.

Accommodation is in the form of tents designed to recall what it would be like to safari in Cambodia. Four of the tents are even perched near waterfalls to truly bring one closer to nature.

The resort is heaven for adventurers right from the get-go, as one enters the camp after a short off-road jeep ride and then a zipline. Picnic at a waterfall, enjoy a foraging and cooking class or join an anti-poaching patrol – the activities are endless and cannot be contained in their minimum three-night stay.

Luxury travelers will enjoy a ton of things to do in Cambodia. Often overlooked, adventure travelers can explore vast ecological and historical spheres while staying in a mix of old and new resorts in this destination. The country is known for its verdant landscape, which includes majestic temples, modern hotels, and bustling markets.


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