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Planning The Bahamas Tour: Here's What You Need To Know

Start Planning your Bahamas Tour

The Bahamas is a popular and bucket-list destination for many of us because of its picture-perfect beaches. We’re referring to the weather and that just 30 of the 700 islands are inhabited, making it an ideal location for island hopping. An adventure traveler’s paradise of natural beauties. Dive tours to coral reefs, sea caves, blue holes, and encounters with native marine species are all possibilities.

Where to stay in the Bahamas? Atlantis Paradise Island

Atlantis Resort is one of the most well-known luxury resorts in the world. The Bahamas’ Paradise Island serves as its home base. It offers a wide range of luxurious lodging options, all of which capture the enchantment of vacationing at this magnificent beachside resort. The 141-acre Aquaventure water park, miles of white sand beaches, 11 fantastic pools, marine environments, and beautiful restaurants are all within your reach no matter where you stay. Even if you never leave the resort, you’ll have an incredible time. The resort’s network of tanks and lagoons is home to more than 20,000 different species of marine life, including everything from orange Nemos to manta rays. 

What to do in the Bahamas

People from all over the world are drawn to the Bahamas because of its fascinating and diverse nature. You can get up close and personal with more than 100 marine biologists at Atlantis Marine Adventures and learn about the ocean’s wonders. Sunken Spanish galleons, inland blue holes, and underwater tunnels filled with marine life. You can even interact with reef sharks by feeding them and swimming with them, which will get your heart racing. Experience why the Bahamas has been rated “Best Place to Dive With Big Animals” for the past ten years in a row.

Atlantis ruins are a great place to go snorkeling with your friends. It’s an hour-long program that includes a 30-minute snorkeling excursion in Atlantis’ lost city’s sunken remains and treasures. 

A truly genuinely unique Bahamas experience can be had during this time of year! All year long, inhabitants in the Bahamas look forward to December 26 and January 1, when Nassau Paradise Island’s biggest event, Junkanoo. Cultural events like this are a must-see for everyone who enjoys dressing up in a mask. The Junkanoo Carnival’s music is as energetic as the magnificent costumes you’ll see, and you’ll be tempted to dance!

Seven different beach areas encircle Nassau and Paradise Island, making it possible to have as much (or as little) fun as you choose on the shores. Get a tan while relaxing by the ocean or swimming in our crystal-clear waters while you enjoy the kilometers of white beach and sunshine. The Bahamas has everything you’re looking for!


Part of an Archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, The Bahamas calls for breathtaking sceneries and incredible adventures. While planning the Bahamas tour on your next vacation, remember to book the right stay and line up the most desired activities.

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