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Top Spots For Luxury Diving In The World

Luxury Scuba Diving Vacations

The world’s top dive hotels and resorts offer top-tier luxury diving experiences to their clientele, serving less than a few dozen guests throughout the year. These resorts offer five-star luxury accommodations and facilities, making the diving experience a memorable one for every guest. 

These dive resorts are located across the tropical regions of the world, including Bali, Papua New Guinea, French Polynesia, and more. Besides the thrill and amazement of a great diving trip, these resorts offer other services too, such as spa treatments, great cuisine options from some of the top chefs in the world, and first-class service. 

The list below features some of the top dive resorts in the world, helping you choose the best luxury scuba diving vacations for you. 

Misool Eco Resort, Indonesia

Misool Eco Resort is the definition of an ultra-luxury diving vacation. Situated on its very own private island, it is a 465-square mile area designated as the marine protected zone and surrounded by an 18,000 square mile sanctuary for sharks and manta rays. 

The resort is located in a remote area, surrounded by many uninhabited islands, 100 miles from the nearest port, with the nearest village being a dozen miles away by boat. Guests can choose to stay in the luxurious water cottages, or the attractive beach lodgings. 

One of Misool’s top-selling points is that there are three staff members for every guest, meaning that you are guaranteed top-tier services when you stay there. Moreover, the resort is one of the foremost driving forces behind the region’s eco conservatism. Their drive was responsible for the government inaugurating the Raja Ampat shark and manta sanctuary.

Bradford Shoals, Kimbe Bay in Papua New Guinea

Bradford Shoals offer some of the greatest natural phenomena for divers to enjoy. Besides the amazing coral formations and the alluring marine life, the area is also known for its numerous seamounts. And it is this marvel alone that has made Kimbe Bay synonymous with memorable diving experiences. 

For those who do not know, seamounts are underwater mountains that are formed due to the active volcanic activity underneath the sea. These geological formations are perfect for divers, offering them a great variety of marine creatures to explore from the ones who have made these rocky formations their home. 

Bradford Shoals is one of the most popular of these seamounts in Kimbe Bay. It rises from the bottom of the seabed all the way up to 20 feet from the surface. Its huge size, as well as its solitary location, makes it a great place to experience large marine creatures, including hammerhead sharks, grey reef sharks, barracuda, trevally, and many others. Overall, Kimbe Bay offers some great luxury scuba diving vacations for its visitors, besides Bradford Shoals. 

Kia Ora Resort and Spa, Rangiroa in French Polynesia

Kia Ora Resort and Spa is located on Rangiroa, an amazingly beautiful coral atoll situated more than 300 miles away from everything. And it offers some of the greatest diving experiences around the world, both freediving and scuba diving. 

The island offers great diving experiences for divers of all levels, from newbie divers who want to stay within the shallows surrounding the island, to experienced divers who want to venture out into deeper waters to explore the local flora and fauna. You can swim and play with the dolphins, who are used to the people who visit and aren’t generally scared of even the most awkward diver. And for the more adventurous divers, the deeper waters will bring them face to face with the local sharks. 

As for the island accommodations, Kia Ora offers luxurious beachfront bungalows and villas, or for the select few, there is the option of staying at La Sauvage, the resort’s private island that accommodates a maximum of ten guests at a time, making it one of the best luxury scuba diving vacations of all time. 

Menjangan Island, Bali

The Island of Menjangan is a tropical paradise, with lush vegetation and rare varieties of animals such as the Javan Rusa deer. However, the island isn’t just known for that. The waters near the island are home to some of the best displays of coral gardens, and the marine fauna they attract, making it one of the best luxury scuba diving vacations in the world. 

The water of Menjangan Island is clear and calm, offering excellent visibility for its divers. That is why it is a popular spot, both for divers as well as snorkelers, who come to marvel at the untouched landscapes featuring some of the most amazing coral formations in the world. 

For those who want to experience the wonders of the island’s water paradise, they would require the services of a park guide; as well as apply for a permit for visiting the island. Those can be obtained via tour operators and or even hotels located in the Pemuteran Beach region, as well as the park office in Labuhan Lalang.

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When unique is what you like

In short, there are many dive resorts around the world for those looking for a unique diving experience. However, only a select few offer luxurious five-star services and facilities to their patrons. So why not choose an option from the list above for your luxury scuba diving vacations?


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