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Set Sail For Romance: The Best Sailboat Adventures for Couples

Best Sail Boat Adventures 

A private expedition to an exotic destination might be a great way to weave romance this February. Sunset dinners, peaceful days, exciting water activities, and off-the-map adventures, we have curated a list of the top sail adventures for couples to plan this year.

1. Private charter in The French Riviera

Brimming with myths, celebrity scandals, legends, and more, this popular coastline doesn’t fail to dazzle the visitors of the French Riviera. Set sail on a private charter to experience the French and Italian Coast. Enjoy the food and drinks on board with your loved one. On a charter day, see Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Baie de Saint Laurent, and Monte Carlo Porto Ercole in France, and Balzi Rossi, Cape Mortola, and Cape Sampeglio in Italy. 

2. Nile River dinner cruise in Cairo, Egypt

A two-hour glittering dinner cruise can be the perfect destination to spark romance and enjoy as you cruise along the iconic Nile. The vessel Maxim echoes the pharaonic barges, setting the romantic backdrop for the evening. As you snap photos of the twinkling city lights and hear the Nile lapping on the shores, feast on an à la carte dinner where you can expect to sample Chinese and Lebanese delights. 

3. Day yacht excursions in the British Virgin Islands, the Caribbean

A 45-foot yacht, a private charter, a fabulous itinerary through customization, and a one-of-a-kind holiday in the Caribbean. Sail along the Virgin Islands, snorkel at the Norman Island caves, or lie down at the beaches of Sandy Cay and enjoy your time with your beloved. The meals are all-inclusive and fuel, too, if you opt for it. 

4. Private sunset cruise in French Polynesia


Embark on this private sunset tour of French Polynesia and marvel at the spectacular beauty. Sail on this stylish catamaran to enjoy a refreshing cocktail or beer, sweeping views of the coast, and a gorgeous sunset. Hold your lover’s hand and plan your future as you sail toward the horizon.

5. Zanzibar sunset dhow cruise, Tanzania


This is a unique sunset cruise where you step onboard, and the crew sweeps you 0.6 miles from the shore and shuts off the engine. A quick moment of panic changes into excitement when the crew skillfully sets the sail. As soon as the wind hits the sail, you can relax and enjoy the quiet of the ocean, the gurgling ripples of the water, and the shimmering clear turquoise water.

6. Private charter of Bay of Islands, New Zealand


Ideal for celebrating the season of love, this private yacht charter affords the bay’s natural beauty. ‚ÄúThe Vigilant‚ÄĚ can be hired for two to six hours, and the itinerary depends on the activities you choose to partake in. There‚Äôs a picnic lunch, a bottle of wine, and kayaking and snorkeling gear if that is what you are looking to do with your sweetheart by your side. Personal attention will be handy as you get to settle in and relax.

7. Premium Private Charter at Whitsunday, Australia


Plan a trip to Whitsunday in Australia this February. Once there, book this premium charter to Hamilton Islands, where the captain and the staff take care of the logistics, and you get to enjoy yourself to the fullest with your beau. You can stop at several beaches, hang out on the deck, explore the white sands, or snorkel with your beloved, one-of-a-kind experiences, to say the least. 

8. Private sail yacht cruise starting from Split, Croatia

A 45-foot private sailing yacht is perfect for that romantic proposal at sea. During your trip, you can take champagne, a bottle of wine, snacks, local Dalmatian cheese, olives, prosciutto, etc. Fuel, skipper, and taxes are all-inclusive, and you will get to see the best bays when you book this private excursion.

9. Catamaran charter from Greece

Sail across the Aegean as you board this catamaran charter and explore the beauty that abounds. The sailing route is personalized with royal treatment from the hostesses, the skippers, lavish private accommodations, and services. Bring your loved one here to have some quiet time together, soak in the Grecian sun and the waters of the Aegean, and melt away in love. 

10. Five-day Galapagos Islands cruise, Ecuador

Aboard the yacht La Pinta, forget your worries, and enjoy the long trip with your beloved. Sail along the volcanic shores of Santa Cruz and North Seymour islands and begin the adventure from South Plaza Island. You can use the glass-bottom boat at Gardner Bay to explore the ocean more. 

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