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How To Charter a Yacht? Step by Step Guide for First Timers

How to Charter a Yacht? Step by Step Guide 

Close to 3000 yachts are available for charter worldwide today. From 60-foot catamarans with snorkeling opportunities to 500-foot sailing yachts with deck chairs, chartering one has never been more convenient. Whether it’s a trip to the remote Antarctic or a tour of Mediterranean isles, there’s a whole host of locations to choose from. That’s not to say chartering one is easy; much thought and preparation go into planning a trip, especially considering the costs involved. Here’s a brief guide on how to charter a yacht.

Find a good broker

Charter brokers assist through the entire process, from the first inquiry to alighting from the ship. It is important to discuss every detail with them about preferences and budget so they can find the right yacht for you. Even feel free to discuss dietary restrictions to activities to be included in.

The best way to find a good broker is through word of mouth or through recommendations. The International Yacht Brokers Association is also an excellent place to get in touch with a new broker. Apps such as Ahoy club and Yotha also make booking convenient but dealing with an actual human on the other end is always the best bet.

Budget wisely

The yacht size, destination, and duration often decide the price of a charter. Entry prices are steep, being close to $50,000 for a week-long trip, and that only covers the rent and crew on most boats. Additional costs such as food, beverage, and fuel are not included. Then, there is a gratuity to be paid to the crew, which can be up to 10%. There’s even the question of value-added tax depending on where you dock. Find out all this information before booking. You can also share a yacht with a few other people at select brokers if you’re open to it.

Choose your crew

Your crew is going to be paramount in making it a memorable journey. Chartering a yacht is the ultimate luxury experience, so finding the right crew to cater to you is very important. Decide what you’d like to do on the trip. If your ideal journey requires gastronomic indulgences, ensure there’s a good chef on board. Qualified diving instructors or watersport experts will help you make most of the seas. If you’re traveling with children, a family-friendly crew is also a bonus. The broker will help with all these choices but make sure to convey to the crew themselves your ideal vacation plans.

Choose your destination

Remote destinations aren’t the best bet for first-time charters as you won’t be able to make the most of the trip. Your broker can suggest the perfect yacht based on what sights you’d like to see or places you’d like to explore. That doesn’t mean you’ll be constrained in your choices, as the very act of chartering means you have freedom of movement – just plan your trip accordingly. The size of the yacht matters here as well, as it will dictate which waters can be traversed – whether shallow or deep.

Choose dates

As with most things, holidays and summer mean peak season, so booking a yacht well in advance is advisable to avoid surge prices. Great deals can also be found during the off-season, so keep that in mind.

Whether you are on a luxury family vacation or a destination wedding on the high seas, plan for a deluxe experience. Learn how to charter a yacht and get on a deserving lavish break.


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