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Ultimate Destinations for Extreme Sports in Ecuador

Adventure Sports in Ecuador

If you’re adventurous and you’re just looking for that adrenaline rush from doing unconventional activities, then you should try extreme sports. Don’t be scared, just because they are called extreme sports doesn’t mean they are unsafe. These activities just require a great deal of risk but they’ll definitely satisfy your dauntless side. 

Ecuador is home to the most captivating extreme sports destinations you can find. So while it’s famous for its pretty islands like Galapagos, you can also have a wild, fulfilling time bungee jumping, mountain biking, etc. The thrill you’ll get from these experiences is almost second to none. So, if you’re embracing your venturesome and wild side, here are the ultimate destinations for extreme sports in Ecuador you can check out.

Mountain biking in Quilotoa Loop

Conventional bikers don’t go biking on mountains, but if you have quite a risk appetite then you should go to Quilotoa Loop. The hiking path extends through two villages and the major highlight is the Quilotoa lake, an aesthetically pleasing view. Taking this trip will be about four to five days, but the entire experience promises to be exhilarating! This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ecuador, so if you’re looking to experience the country and engage with sports in Ecuador, this is a great start!

Bungee jumping in Banos

Bungee jumping, aka Puenting (bridge jumping), is one of the popular extreme sports in Ecuador. The sport was originally inspired by divers and has now grown into one of the most famous extreme sports in the world. For adventurous tourists, Bungee jumping may be considered a low-risk activity but it doesn’t impair the level of thrill you’ll get from the activity. If you’ve got guts, then Banos is the perfect tourist attraction to satisfy your daring side. 

 Wilderness hiking in Cotopaxi

Hiking in a park is fun, but have you ever imagined what hiking in the wilderness will be like? With the exposure to nature and the possibility of running into wild animals, this experience is the perfect stimulation for your fearless side. In Cotopaxi, you can hike into the wilderness, enjoy the tropical scenery and you can even catch a view of a burning volcano! If you’re seeking a wild tourist attraction then you’ll find this quite gratifying.

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Parasailing in Canoa

Imagine being towed in the air, attached to a fast-speed boat for an extended period with no control over the speed, elating right?  That’s exactly the feeling you get when you parasail in Canoa. Gliding over the Pacific Ocean, watching all the beautiful sea creatures, and getting a dose of adrenaline rush through your body, this sport is by far one of the most exciting and satisfying extreme sports to do in Ecuador. 

Zip-lining in Mindo

As the name implies, hanging by a suspended zip in the air is not the average tourist attraction. But in Mindo, adventurers from all over the world come to experience the excitement of ziplining in a forest canopy. Imagine zip lining through the tropical forest, coming face-to-face with exotic birds, and animals, satisfying, isn’t it? Well, that’s what you’ll get if you’re visiting Mindo for the zipline adventure. 

Extreme sports are definitely making a great comeback this season. If you have a great desire for exciting, and unconventional adventures, then you definitely have to visit Ecuador soon. Remember, when it comes to extreme sports, Ecuador can be extremely intoxicating!

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