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Romantic Retreat: How to Make the Most of Your Couple's Getaway

How to Plan a Romantic Trip?

Are you planning a romantic getaway with your partner? Here are our sureshot ways to a guilt-free, kid-free, few-times-in-a-lifetime, oh-I-have-been-dying-to-do-this trip for a loving couple who don’t know how to plan a romantic trip.

1. Don’t forget it’s a holiday.

Traveling with your significant other is all about making memories, not just ticking things off your to-do list. While some may think that traveling means filling every moment with activities, why not switch things up and enjoy some quality time together instead? So put down that jam-packed itinerary and savor every moment because time spent with your love is time well spent.

2. Do not tell anyone

The beauty of a secret romantic escape is that it’s just that, a secret! No one else has to know your plans, which means no one can copy them, ask nosy questions, compare experiences, or intrude on your private life with unwanted opinions. Keep the magic alive by keeping it just between you and your love!

3. Do not mention that it is a romantic trip.

Once you make it evident to your partner that you are planning a “romantic” getaway, you set an expectation for both. You spend your holiday trying as hard as possible to rekindle or bring in the “so-called” romance. Not only does this consume your time together, but it also heads towards sure-shot failure, with at least one of you being too occupied thinking of ways to be romantic, leaving very little time to put anything into action. We love couples who forget the paraphernalia, enjoy the time, and chill out together without putting too much head into “making it romantic.” For the rest, we have ample ideas to make your getaway “romantic” without the cliches. 

4. Choose dates during the off-season.

Don’t be part of the herd and fall for the “most-visited” and most-awaited” lists. Get a bang for your buck traveling during the off-season. This not only affords fantastic deals on luxury properties, but you also get to have a peaceful stay without bumping into familiar faces who are also trying hard to get a holiday done right. Try school days, when you can appoint a nanny for the days you would be away or request the grandparents to take charge.

5. Look for remote destinations.

With many peace seekers thinking alike, you might find your destination buzzing with people during an off-season. A wise choice would be to travel to a remote destination, little known to the world. Don’t think of Istanbul, Marrakech, Rome, or London for your quiet romantic getaway. Think Con Son (a 20 square mile volcanic island in Vietnam, bound by corals, removed from the bustling towns of the Mekong Delta), Nagaland (once known as the edge of the world in India, this picturesque state is bound by misty mountains and sees only about 0.15 million in a year), and North Luzon (the “head” of the “old lady” aka the Philippines archipelago, is nature’s miracle, and is overshadowed by the famous sugar-white beaches and dive sites of Cebu, Boracay, and El Nido) among others.

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6. Put your internet devices away.

Devices eat up a lot of our time. The unnecessary checking of notifications, attending to calls that could be done later, bringing work to the vacation, and so on and so forth. Keep every item, such as your phone, tablet, the smartwatch, all inside the hotel safe, and do not take them out before the day you check out. The only device you can keep is the camera to capture the beauty around you and some shots with your loved one in arms, not to publish on social media, but to cherish these moments and reminisce about the good times you had together. 

7. Call for in-room services. 

It is better to eat your meals together in the privacy of your room rather than a multi-course meal at a crowded restaurant. This keeps your options fewer, helps you focus on the conversations with each other, and leaves more time to yourselves. Those service charges and additional taxes are worth the time you spend genuinely “romancing” each other.

8. Choose tours that keep you together.

Yes, we know where to draw the line when it comes to getting touristy. Choosing an activity that keeps you close can be on your list of things to do. If you are near the ocean, try to book a boat, yacht, or catamaran and find bliss in the middle of the ocean. We firmly believe there is a deep-rooted connection between waterbodies and romance, and we keep asking our readers to explore this further during their vacations.

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9. Bring books or movies you like

Books and movies are activities you can do together during the vacation. Choose an activity of your choice, something that excites you both, a common ground. It could be a ukulele, which you can strum along while your beau dances to the tunes or sings a romantic song for you, some DVDs of your favorite movies that you can choose to watch before you tuck in every night, a game that you enjoy playing against each other, so on and so forth. 

10. Spend some alone time as well.

You may disagree, but it is insanely romantic to let your partner be. A romantic vacation may not mean you smother each other throughout the day. Engage in things you’d also like to do on your own. Read the books you brought, listen to some music of your choice on the headphone, or hit the gym while your partner takes a swim. Who wouldn’t be happy to get some space despite being together in a room during a romantic getaway?

Planning a romantic trip can be a fun and exciting experience that will help you create lasting memories with your loved one. By considering factors such as your budget, travel destination, accommodations, activities, and cultural considerations, you can create an itinerary that is tailored to your specific preferences and interests. Don’t forget to factor in safety, travel insurance, and local customs, and take advantage of romantic travel packages and deals to help you save money. With these tips and tools in mind, you can plan a successful and unforgettable romantic trip that will bring you and your partner closer together.

Now that we are clear how to plan a romantic getaway, the mindset you must bear for it, and how to make the most of your time, let’s get a bit realistic.

How to budget for a romantic trip?

After a season of skiing, partying, and enjoying the cold weather, you might find it easier to budget another getaway, while channeling your expenses towards good food and that ring you bought to pop the question. Think out of the box to make the most of your romantic trip despite being on a budget

Travel off-season: This ensures that the flights and hotels you book are available at lowest prices or on discount, unlike the over-priced tickets and accommodation during peak season. You get the choicest rooms at nominal prices, and seats at the top restaurants. You get to save on deals and food bills.

Add romantic touches: Another way to budget on your holiday is to plan it ahead. Due to the hype of the Valentine’s day, even the simplest of things cost higher. The hotels charge you a bomb for a romantic candle-lit dinner, music, concierge services, even the in-house restaurant bills. What can save you from splurging more is adding a dash of romance in what you do. Buy the flowers, food and champagne at a local superstore, and bring them to your room instead of letting the hotel plan for you. Make a playlist of your partner’s favorites and make the most of your time together.

Bring a twist to the vacation: Among the many things that the pandemic taught us, enjoying life at home, or being close to home, moves to the top of the chart. Instead of flying out, plan a staycation in your city by booking a local hotel or a homestay with hotel-like amenities. Save on the travel and splurge on your personal moments.

Once you fix your budget for the trip, look for romantic activities that you can blend into your vacation or staycation as well.

Romantic activities to do on a trip

While expensive gifts, vacations and exotic food are brilliant ideas, they are all cliched. The pillar of any successful relationship is understanding, and the gift of time. What quality time can earn you, even the biggest rock in the world can’t…well let’s not be shortsighted there! 

Book a spa treatment: While the seaon of love calls for relaxing together, a couple spa’s, according to us, are highly overrated. Book a treatment at the same spa, but try to book separate rooms. Not only does it show you care for your partner’s health and comfort, but also establishes that you respect their choices and privacy. 

Shop till you drop: If you are saving on your travel, you can splurge a bit on clothes for sure. Buying a traditional local dress, or some comfort wear to pamper the beau never backfires. New clothes, and your intentions, can only add more dollops of love and spark romance while you are at it.

Make plans amid nature: Make your loved one feel special as you walk amid the flowers or greenery, even twinkling stars, and talk. The power of words and undivided attention can weave magic and strengthen your bond of love. 

Go on a drive: Commuting home from work together, or driving up and down to shop grocery cannot be tagged as a drive. Technically yes, but romantically no! While you are on vacay, a drive feels refreshing, without a care about the honks, and rush through the traffic, or the cacophony of the market. 

Engage is a couple activity: No, not the spa, an activity where you create something together. It can our creating at a pottery session, or a dish you learnt to make together at a cooking class. Sign up for the short courses and learn something new together.

Romantic travel safety tips

Here are some that we vouch for:

Make copies of your documents: Make multiple copies for your driver’s license and passport to carry along. Alternately, keep digital copies. God forbid you face hassles during your trip, you can use the copies to get replacements quicker.

Share your itinerary with someone trustworthy: White adventure is great for the soul, being foolish is not. Share your itinerary so your loved ones back home know how to reach you incase of an emergency. 

Buy a travel insurance policy: In today’s world, if you can afford a flight ticket you can buy a travel insurance as well. Be it for your health, luggage, delayed flights, etc., do this for your own good. 

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Research about your destination: Know the culture, customs, dress codes, general transport costs, etc, before hand. There are many samaritans on the net who share relevant first-hand information to various destinations. Good research can save your day.

Read up on the common travel scams: Travel scams are many, and have many forms. Google “Travel scams in destination X” and find out the common and recent ones before you trust another soul in a new destination.

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