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Top Five-Star Hotels To Visit In Hawaii

Find Your Perfect 5-Star Hotel in Hawaii: Luxurious Resorts, Breathtaking Views, and Unforgettable Experiences

There is nothing that can beat Hawaii as the ultimate luxury vacation spot. It’s a classic, with a balmy wind rustling through the palm trees, bringing with it the salty scent of the ocean. And to experience that with a pina colada or a mai tai in hand is a great way to enjoy your luxury Hawaii holidays. 

While any kind of Hawaii vacation is one to enjoy, you need to stay at a 5-star luxury hotel or resort to truly experience the joys of Hawaii. And no matter what island you choose, there will always be a great option for you to choose from nearby. So why slum it, when you can enjoy your Hawaii vacation in style?

Listed below are the top five star hotels in Hawaii to choose from, that are guaranteed to deliver an awe-inspiring vacation experience to you.


Montage Kapalua, Maui

If an ultra-luxury vacation experience is what you are after on Maui, then look no further than Montage Kapalua. This is a boutique property, offering its guests the seclusion and exclusive Hawaii experience with all the amenities common to modern luxury resorts. 

Montage boasts many residential setups along Namalu Bay in the west of Maui. They are offered in sizes from one-bedroom up to four bedrooms, every one of them arranged to give it the perfect amount of privacy. Their range of available sizes, as well as the secluded location, makes it perfect for all manners of guests, from couples to families with children, and even friends. 

What makes them so attractive is that each residence has its own lanai, a private spa tub, an attached gourmet kitchen, and a huge living room. Overall, the Montage Kapalua Bay is one of the greatest five-star hotels in Hawaii. 

Halekulani, Oahu

If living like the Hawaiian royals is what you fancy for your vacation, then staying in Waikiki is perfect for you. And what better place to stay in Waikiki, than at the Halekulani? Halekulani means “House that befits Heaven”. And true to its name, it is a beautiful place. Moreover, it is one of Hawaii’s historic hotels and was built on the oceanfront in 1917. 

Taking advantage of the COVID-19 travel restrictions, the hotel underwent a drastic makeover and has now established itself as a luxury property. The hotel’s spa, called Spa Halekulani, is an all-inclusive luxury spa and retreat that treats the mind, body, and soul. Plus, guests get to enjoy the hotel’s lovely heated pool, with a unique glass tile mosaic of an orchid made up of 1.2 million pillion pieces.


Grand Hyatt Kauai

Grand Hyatt in Kauai is one of the best examples of what a luxury resort in Hawaii should be like. The resort itself is exquisite and luxurious and has an open and calm atmosphere with a casual vibe. On one hand you’ll experience top-notch luxuries like fancy turndown service, while at the same time there will be people walking across the lobby in their swimsuits. 

Overall, Grand Hyatt Kauai is a place for people to enjoy the bounties of Hawaii via an oceanfront holiday, without sacrificing their comfort. Although if you are a couple traveling for a romantic getaway, you should know that the hotel is family-friendly, which is something you need to be aware of when planning your itinerary. 

However, whether you choose Grand Hyatt for your vacation or not, you cannot deny that it is one of the best 5-star hotels in Hawaii.

Four Seasons Lanai

Situated on the island of Lanai, this Four Seasons resort is arguably one of the best luxury resorts in Hawaii, if not the world. Facing the exquisite Hulopoe Beach, the majority of the resort’s suites offer incredible ocean views, as well as some of the best pool experiences for an ultra-luxury island vacation. 

Besides enjoying the luxurious bounties of the island, there are many activities and amenities offered by the resort to make your vacation more memorable. How about enjoying a few rounds of golf at Manele Golf Course, nestled atop the nearby lava outcroppings. Or if golf’s not something you fancy, you can enjoy a few rounds of shooting at the resort’s archery and shooting range or enjoy the variety of dining options offered by the five on-site restaurants. 

You can even go for an off-road adventure, go horseback riding through the valleys, in short, do anything that you desire to make your vacation truly one to remember at the king of five-star properties in Hawaii. 

To sum it up, Hawaii has some of the best 5-star hotels and resorts in the world. That is why many people looking for an island retreat opt for luxury Hawaii holidays. But if choosing the perfect hotel or resort is something you find difficult, then our list of best five-star hotels in Hawaii is perfect for you. 

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