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Escape to Paradise at Hotel Mereva Tulum

Tulum, Mexico, is known for its stunning beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, and breathtaking natural beauty. Nestled in the heart of the Mayan jungle, Hotel Mereva Tulum offers travelers the opportunity to experience magic. If you are starving for some outdoor activities and to stretch your toes, this is the place to be. You are spoilt for choice here as you get exclusive access to multiple activities.

Soak in the pools

Let’s start with the lovely set of pools this property has. These two pools are well-maintained. While one is plonked on the beachside, offering an unbeatable experience with unparalleled views of the Caribbean, while the other showcases a lush green backdrop. This is an enjoyable activity and can be relished during idle seclusive moments or to cool off on a warm Caribbean winter.

Ride a bike under the sun

Apart from a hike around the town, riding a bike is also an option to enjoy the highlights. Check out the excellent jungle trail and ride to the most exciting spots near Hotel Mereva Tulum. Mornings are the best time to enjoy this activity.

Kayak in the ocean

Walk out of your suite into the beach, where you can take to kayaking if you have a penchant for the sport. Experience the madness of the sea as you swerve through the crystal-clear waters. Appreciate the lovely surroundings while you engage in your favorite sport at this unique destination.

Explore under the water

While land activities are alluring, what seduces you is Tankah Bay’s coral reef. This marvelous natural formation offers endless possibilities and fascinating wildlife under the sea. Snorkel to your heart’s content as you bring this rare experience to your family, and find your peace as you indulge in this unbeatable escapade.

Enjoy a day of paddle boarding

Tankah Bay is known for its gorgeous hues and brilliant shimmer. However, what’s more, alluring are its incredible adventures, including paddle boarding. Hotel Mereva Tulum offers boards that you can use to paddle across the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.


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