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Hotel Nerea Tulum: A Bayfront Treat to The Soul

Tulum is a slow-paced, peaceful destination. If you seek a relaxing getaway focusing on personal well-being, this is the property we can vouch for. This is where you can put your feet up and say nay to outdoor activities if you want. Hotel Nerea Tulum, a boutique stay, is located only 20 minutes north of Tulum Beach and almost equidistant from Tulum’s town. The meaning of Nerea is “flowing”. Feel the rich vibe flow through you as you lay around the infinity pool, or soak in the waters, as it washes away your worries and helps you settle in. It is indeed a treat to a weary mind.

The charms of Nerea

The soothing earthy hues of the hotel offer a sense of calm and tranquility, helping your mind and body come to a consensus. As soon as you step into the hotel, you can feel the warmth and privacy exuding from every corner, a long-awaited feeling to enjoy on your holiday. There are a total of 22 rooms, each emanating a sense of charm, fulfillment, and the power to bring your emotional and physical health into a state of balance. A stay on the rooftop accommodations affords fetching views of the ocean and the journey of the Sun from across the ocean facing the hotel towards the lush green behind the property.

The guest favorites here

Our first mention should be the complimentary breakfast served between 7 and 11 am at Umbal Restaurant. There is a choice of drink, ranging from tea and coffee to orange juice, followed by an appetizer, and a bread basket that accompanies the main dish. You can opt for the muesli umbal, a smoothie bowl, or Greek yogurt. Egg lovers can go for the shakshuka or divorced rancher eggs, or opt for Mexican favorites such as baked chilaquiles or jackfruit barbacoa burrito. 

You can start with the charcoal shrimp at lunch or dinner, and then choose between Italian gourmet dishes to Mexican delights such as sweet potato gnocchi or Punta Allen seabass. It depends on your taste or preference, or you can spread it across the days to experience all sorts of flavors during your stay.

Apart from food, what can melt your heart is hospitality. The amicable staff is not only respectful but also puts a lot of trust in their guests. You get to have a worry-free time while you are within the premises and get heaps of help if you want to step outside. 

The way Nerea calms you

This hotel can be the beginning of your journey to emotional well-being. There are free yoga sessions organized every Tuesday and Friday morning where you can simply show up without a reservation. Mindful Yoga is a meditative technique of mindfulness taught here. This raises your focus and reinstates clarity of mind. The ability to become aware of the body and its movements during yoga has an immediate and immensely positive impact on your emotional and mental state. It refreshes and gives you a new sense of purpose.  

So seize this opportunity to let your mind meander like a flowing river, gently growing out of life’s challenges. Completely immerse yourself in the ripples of rejuvenation during your stay at Hotel Nerea.


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