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Harvesting Memories:
Things To Do on Fall Break With Your Family

The glorious season of Fall can be identified by the cool breeze, trendy coats, ethereal colored trees and bushes, and toasted leaves all over the pavement sidewalks. It’s a great time to snuggle at home and read a book, but less obvious are all the enjoyable activities one can do during this season. Autumn is a perfect time to seize the pleasant weather and be close to loved ones.

Hiking & Nature Walks, Adventure Travel 365

Hiking & Nature Walks

Nature looks remarkably tranquil and captivating during Autumn, as the leaves begin to change their color. It’s a great time to go on hikes and nature walks (for those looking to experience forestry at a calmer pace) and admire the beauty of nature’s cycles. Trees will be vibrant pink and orange, reminiscent of a watercolor painting, and temperatures will be perfect, not too hot or cold.

Osaka castle in Japan is world-famous for its picturesque yellow and red trees (where many flock to see the unique forestry), as is the Blodgett Canyon trail in Hamilton, Montana.

Pumpkin Picking, Adventure Travel 365

Pumpkin Picking

One of the most traditional celebrations (especially in American culture) is to go Pumpkin picking, for it is also the season of Halloween. This can be a fun pastime for the whole family to bond. Children will particularly enjoy this activity, as they can go home, carve faces into their pumpkin and do so alongside the other children in preparation for the 31st. It also makes for a very attainable activity; many can find pumpkin patches near their home without shelling out tons of cash for a fun, family-friendly activity.

Visit a Theme Park This Fall, Adventure Travel 365

Visit a Theme Park

Theme Parks are good fun for the whole family. There’s something for everyone to enjoy with rides, attractions, and numerous food stalls.

Disneyland, California, has great activities during the fall. The park also organizes a Halloween fest that lasts the months of September and October. They also honor Dia de Los Muertos in November.

Harvest Festivals

During this time, fruit and vegetables that grow best during this time of the year start to flourish. Wholesome harvest festivals are a great time for the family to step outside, buy fresh produce, and return to make home-cooked meals for the whole family. Colder months are known amongst many as a time to bond and be close to your loved ones, and doing a small but fun activity like visiting a harvest festival can be a memory a child will remember forever. There are also other fun activities, farming demonstrations, and lots of food at these events, making it a hassle-free, easy-going time.

Go Camping, Adventure Travel 365

Go camping

Fall is a great time to go camping with the family. The weather is perfect, with mornings great for hiking and evenings great for campfires. Many National Parks host fall and Halloween-themed weekends.

Rent a Cabin, Adventure Travel 365

Rent a Cabin

A quick getaway option is to rent a cabin in the woods. Fall is a beautiful season to explore nature and a great time to rent a cabin before the biting cold of winter hits.

There are beautiful options in The Poconos in Hamlin, Pennsylvania. Lakeside cabins are also a great option, with boating and fishing fun activities to do before lakes freeze over. Smith’s Station, Alabama, has great lakeside cabins on Lake Oliver.

Go on a Road Trip, Adventure Travel 365

Go on a road trip

Road trips are a great way to bring the family together and a great way to enjoy the season. While cruising down the interstate or climbing up a winding mountain road, fall colors are beautiful to take in through a car window.

New England is an excellent destination for a road trip. Vermont and New Hampshire feature beautiful roads and scenic views and small towns with plenty to do.

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Lantern Trails

Hikes and walks are something you seemingly do during the day, for the sunbeams on the prominent colors of the trees and leaves, and the weather is just a touch warmer. However, when the night rolls in, it may be time to step out and venture onto a lantern trail, where beautiful, handcrafted lanterns light your path. This can be a unique and magical experience for families (or even quite romantic for couples), where you can seize the benefits of both times of the day. During this event, trails are often made with intricate designs and stunning sets, making it awe-inspiring and a humbling, tranquil experience.

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