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Belizean Elegance: The Allure of Sapphire Beach Resort

Explore Caribbean Bliss at Sapphire Beach Resort | Belize

Have you been waiting to explore the brilliance of the Caribbean? Take in the serene beauty of Ambergris Caye at Sapphire Beach Resort, where time takes a pause and invites you to experience a Caribbean life like no other. Nestled on the tip of North Ambergris Caye, Belize, this secluded beach resort promises pristine landscapes, personalized service, and modern indulgences, a surefire recipe for a successful tropical getaway.

A getaway worth your rest and laughter

Unwind in the embrace of tranquility as Sapphire Beach Resort unfolds on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. A mere 25-minute boat ride from San Pedro’s town core, this resort invites you to fun galore. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape or a family-friendly vacation, this resort offers an array of accommodations, from villas to suites, amidst lush tropical gardens.

A haven to swim, sunbathe, and savor

Three sparkling swimming pools beckon, offering unobstructed ocean views. Your vacation at Sapphire Beach Resort promises the comfort of your chosen accommodation and the luxury of airport or water taxi pickup in San Pedro. A welcome cocktail upon arrival sets the tone for a stress-free and enjoyable stay.

This destination marries tranquility and adventure, providing the ultimate Belizean beach vacation. Beautifully designed villas, suites, and standard accommodations surround tropical flora, offering privacy and serenity. Explore the nearby wonders of Belize with certified tours and activities, from snorkeling and diving at the renowned Blue Hole and Barrier Reef to mainland adventures like cave tubing and zip-lining.

A one-stop-shop for your gastronomic endeavors

Dining at Gem Restaurant is an experience in itself. Start your day with a sunrise breakfast, savor a beachside lunch, or indulge in an evening dinner indoors. Gem Restaurant offers a unique fusion of style and taste, with a menu crafted to leave you wanting more. For a romantic touch, request a beachside dinner for two, complete with a complimentary bottle of champagne and Caribbean cuisine.

Sip signature cocktails with a Sapphire twist at the Tiki Bar & Pool. Crafted with local liquors and fresh fruits, these drinks complement the savory food and add to the beachside experience.

A perfect destination for events and activities

Immerse yourself in Belize’s natural wonders with certified tours and activities. From snorkeling and diving adventures to mainland tours exploring Maya sites, there’s something for every explorer. Explore the Belize Zoo, visit ancient temples, or enjoy catamaran sailing—the options are as diverse as Belize’s rich landscape.

There are customizable wedding packages for those seeking a dreamy beach wedding or a romantic engagement party. Exchange vows on the pristine beach, surrounded by tropical flowers, greenery, and the soothing sound of the Caribbean Sea. The resort’s dedicated wedding planner ensures every detail is perfect, from floral arrangements and catering to spa treatments and accommodation.

An immersive experience in all

Understand the local culture when you sign up for must-do activities on Ambergris Caye. Indulge in chocolate mixing at the Belize Chocolate Company, unleash your creativity with a painting session at Paint N Splash, or embark on a cultural food-tasting experience with Belize Food Tours. These experiences provide a deeper connection to the island’s vibrant culture.

While you are here, find the charms of Caribbean comfort with a visit to Rose’s Spa. Here, expert massage therapists soothe your body and relax your mind. Choose to indulge in services on the beach, in your room, or on your balcony. The spa offers a range of treatments combining natural products and a holistic approach for a profound experience.

A smart idea to tear away from the mundane

Sapphire Beach Resort is a shout-out for those seeking an untouched Caribbean paradise. Whether planning a romantic escape, a family vacation, or a destination wedding, Sapphire Beach Resort combines natural beauty, modern comforts, and warm hospitality. Let the allure of Ambergris Caye unfold before you.


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