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Ultimate Travel Guide To the Road Trip Holidays, USA

Road trips allow you to get off the usual path and immerse in a particular area, not merely be on a railroad track or see a vista from the skies. Take road trip holidays in the USA to explore more freely, learn about the culture of the location you’re visiting, and make the best of your vacation time. So hop on a ride, start your engine, and go on an adventure to any of these routes and destinations.

Beautiful Maine

Maine is famous for its Lobster, so make it a point to have some while you are visiting. The Inn by the Sea is a luxurious family-friendly oceanfront resort where you can relish views inspired by Edward Hopper’s “Lighthouse Painting” in Cape Elizabeth. This resort offers semi-private sunset walks and light surfing.

A Luxury Retreat in Connecticut

Next on the list of resorts to go on a road trip to is the Mayflower Inn & Spa. This boutique hotel is in Litchfield County, tucked away in the heart of Connecticut. Experience the quaint and tasteful classic New England-styled hotel or enjoy the beauty surrounding Litchfield county from antique shops, hiking, and beaches.

The First Luxury Hotel in New Jersey

Reeds at the Shelter Haven in New Jersey defines and offers luxury. The hotel is the first luxury hotel created in New Jersey, and its legacy to stay the best remains. Reeds Shelter Haven can become your home away from home this summer.

A Charming, Mountain Retreat in North Carolina

The Omni Grove Park Hotel in North Carolina is a beautiful historic resort hidden by trees. The resort is perfect for a vacation, whether escaping a romantic getaway or spending quality family time.

Montage Palmetto Bluff is the escape of southern dreams. A beautiful resort in South Carolina that lives up to your classic Southern dreams and expectations.

Orlando: Where Luxury Meets Fun

For luxury mixed with fun, there is no way you would not find happiness at the Disney World Four Seasons Resort in Orlando, Florida. This resort has all the accommodations of relaxing spas, golf, tasty cuisine, and the bonus of Disney World which is just right around the corner.

Suppose you are not on the East coast. There are still plenty of great hotels and adventures to be had. Find more road trips here.

Start your engine and go on an adventure. Go on a few road trip holidays in the USA and discover hidden gems, get closer with your travel mates, and experience luxury adventure travel away from the typical.

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