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Stillpoint Lodge: Luxurious Alaskan Wilderness Retreat

Stillpoint Lodge: Luxurious Alaskan Wilderness Retreat

Deep within the Alaskan wilderness, camouflaged amid towering spruce trees and overlooking the majestic Kachemak Bay, lies Stillpoint Lodge. Imagine waking to the chirping birds and the serene hush of the morning. Breathe in the crisp Alaskan air, invigorated with the scent of spruce needles. Picture yourself gazing out over a breathtaking vista of majestic mountains and a glistening bay teeming with playful sea otters. This isn’t a dream; it’s your reality at Alaska Stillpoint Lodge.

Witness Off-the-Grid Opulence

The elegant main lodge welcomes you with a crackling fireplace, a hot tub boasting panoramic views, and a shared lounge. But true comfort lies in your private cabin. Stillpoint Lodge offers eleven meticulously crafted options, from romantic one-bedroom suites to spacious two-bedroom family cabins, all with stunning mountain vistas and modern amenities.


Where Nature Nourishes

Stillpoint Lodge takes dining to an Alaskan adventure. Imagine an open-air kitchen where award-winning chefs craft seasonal masterpieces. Three farm-to-table meals a day showcase the region’s bounty, featuring succulent Dungeness crab, alder-smoked salmon, melt-in-your-mouth berries from their garden, succulent wild seafood, game meats harvested responsibly, and fresh produce bursting with flavor, some straight from the lodge’s gardens and greenhouses.

Special dietary needs are taken care of, ensuring every guest feels nourished and satisfied. Fuel your adventures with breakfast made-to-order and custom-packed picnics. Relax in the evenings with cocktail hour’s delectable appetizers, creative cocktails, and local brews. Finally, savor multi-course dinners paired with fine wines, all served in a stunning dining room with breathtaking Alaskan views.

Reel in the Adventure

Stillpoint Lodge is your Alaskan adventure hub. Kayak or paddleboard from the dock straight into Halibut Cove’s calm waters, where sea otters play among the kelp forests. Reel in a magnificent King Salmon on a world-class fishing trip, or hike up to glaciers and volcanoes that dominate the Alaskan landscape. See bears in their natural habitat on a Katmai National Park excursion.

Stillpoint Lodge has something for everyone, including fully outfitted and guided daily excursions. Get up close with bears, take a helicopter adventure, or soar over volcanoes on a floatplane tour. Explore the water with ocean kayaking or paddleboarding, or hike glaciers and kayaking alongside icebergs. Take a private boat photo safari cruise, or enjoy a cultural tour of Homer’s galleries, museums, and breweries. Mountain E-bike through stunning scenery and go berry picking, or keep an eye out for whales, otters, seals, and birds on a wildlife-watching adventure.

Indulge in Wellness & Sustainability

After a day of exploring Alaska’s wonders, soothe your muscles with a rejuvenating massage or find inner peace with yoga and aromatherapy. Sweat it out in the unique fitness yurt, followed by a mindfulness session to truly center yourself. Take the plunge (literally) into the invigorating ocean after a relaxing session in the infrared sauna, or unwind to a cascading waterfall in the steaming hot tub nestled within a charming gazebo. Still your mind with meditation in a dedicated cabin or walk the labyrinth, a meditative path that leads you inwards.

Stillpoint Lodge takes a sustainable approach to everything they do, from recycling and composting to eco-friendly laundry practices and biodegradable amenities. It’s a place where luxury meets responsibility, leaving you feeling refreshed and reconnected.

More Than Just a Vacation, an Experience:

Stillpoint Lodge goes beyond providing a luxurious escape; it creates lasting memories. The dedicated staff personalizes every guest’s experience, crafting itineraries that perfectly suit their interests. It’s an invitation to reconnect with nature, savor life’s simple pleasures, and create cherished moments. So, pack your adventure and get going!


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