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Discover the world’s finest destinations and exquisite adventures

Finland’s Wild Taste

For the foodies out there that are obsessed with plant-based options, we have good and bad news. The good is that we have found an amazing spot for you, the bad, that your obsession is about to get a lot worse.

Several adjectives come to mind to describe Grön, but perhaps the most appropriate are unique, seasonal, contemporary, and well, inspiring. Offering two menus, one of which is completely vegan, this Finish restaurant creates a relaxed atmosphere that matches the beautifully balanced food they serve perfectly.

With Toni Kostian captaining the ship, this spot has become an ode to, as he puts it, “creativity, the wild, and us all.” Following this sentiment, Grön focuses on delivering high-quality meals made from the freshest organic ingredients and following the seasonal ebb and flow, so that the menu changes according to what can be obtained in the Scandinavian wilderness.

If you are wondering if this place sounds too good to be true and might be just another green-washed enterprise, we suggest you take a look at their Sustainability Plan, which is available on their website. They make it clear that, for them, sustainability is not simply a trend but a commitment, and encourage those interested to reach out to them if they want to learn more about their values and goals.

If you are not sold yet (which would be insane), we leave you with three items from their Spring menu that make our mouths water all the way from Finland:

  • Turnip rolled in coriander paste with white currant juice and jalapeño
  • Spruce shoot, creamed pine nuts and local lemon leaf with or without wood ants
  • Freshly baked Canelés flavored with wild roses

We know it’s hard to believe, but this place is real and even though we’d want to, we could never keep it just to ourselves, so you can find it here 😉

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