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Discover the world’s finest destinations and exquisite adventures

Best Resorts in Colorado Springs - The Broadmoor Resort

The beautiful Colorado Springs is perfect for hiking and biking. Step out at your will to Garden of the Gods or hike the many trails at Red Rock Canyon Open Space if you may. See the biodiversity sprawl and feel the freshness in the air. While you plan a stay here, it is important you choose to stay at a plush accommodation, one of the best resorts in Colorado Springs. Experience opulence when you stay at the stunning Broadmoor and indulge in its charming ambiance.

The Broadmoor

The area in which the stellar resort resides is amongst an abundant mix of wilderness attractions, such as Canyons, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, historical museums such as the Western Museum of World War II, and the gorgeous Broadmoor Seven Falls, and a multitude of other stunning nature attractions nearby.


It’s location

The Broadmoor resort aims to provide invigorating experiences throughout all four seasons of the year, making it a great destination no matter what month. This includes a stunning golf course for passionate golfers, paddle boarding along Cheyenne Lake, zip-lining, and horseback riding through gorgeous pathways nestled in the forest. To add to this, there’s an enticing list of adventures to stay busy for days on end; with hiking, biking, fishing rock-climbing also on offer, the Broadmoor has its bases covered for outdoor enthusiasts.

The experiences here

For the colder months, guests needn’t leave the resort to stay entertained, for the Broadmoor provides fun activities like cooking, dance classes, and wine tasting, to name a few. And, for those looking to keep their activities on the relaxed side, the Broadmoor equally caters to this, with infinity pools and a classically designed spa making a heavenly oasis of relaxation for vacationers looking to de-stress.

Their accommodations are touched by a classical and historical elegance, with fireplaces, warm wood furniture, and embroidered detailed fabrics. With an astonishing 784 rooms (including suites, cottages, and an estate house), each and every room is handled with care and finesse. There is a grand selection of rooms fit for various needs and sizes, each with its unique take on timeless, historical design.

Alongside their extensive activity program and lavish accommodation, the Broadmoor also showcases 17 different restaurants, from fine dining to the casual cafe experience. Using fresh and local ingredients, their food aims to be an unforgettable dine. One can choose from the array of locations, including La Taverne, an exquisite steakhouse with a stunning open roof; the Grille, perched beside the spectacular golf course; and the Summit, which displays an impressive blend of American and Latin influences.

Broadmoor as a host

Additionally, for those looking to celebrate unforgettable events, The Broadmoor provides numerous different venues that can host from 20 up to 1,000 guests, their wedding and conference venues being ideal for those looking to indulge in the historical opulence of The Broadmoor’s lavish style.

The Broadmoor provides the heightened cabin experience but with an elevated touch of luxury and elegance inspired by the culture of Europe. With their activity scheme prepared for all-year-round fun, this resort is great to visit any time of the year; however, many suggest between March-May or September-October, when the influx of holiday crowds is not as intense. Its incredibly extensive activity program, forest land, and the multitude of facilities are perfect for those looking to dip their toes in a variety of activities and eager to try new experiences. To divulge the signature Broadmoor experience, you can book a stay with them directly on their website.

Colorado Springs is fabulous, vibrant and alluring because of its many lovely parks and amenities. To enjoy here, you must stay at one of the best resorts in Colorado Springs – The Broadmoor.



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