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Discover the world’s finest destinations and exquisite adventures

Hotel Danielli, Venice, Italy

Venice is amongst the most popular vacation destinations, thanks to its unique sunken city (known amongst many as ‘The Floating City’ or ‘City of Canals’). The stunning architecture of Italy combined with the romantic setting of sweeping canals that drop you off at the door of some of the most elegant restaurants is among one of the most memorable experiences one could have. It is one of the world’s oldest cultural tourist spots and is home to some of the best hotels in Venice, Italy.

The location is perfect, for attractions like the St. Mark’s Basilica are just a 4-minute walk. The Guggenheim museum is just a kilometer away, and the Biennale Art Exhibit is. For avid golfers, the Venice Golf Club is just 8 kilometers from the hotel. Additionally, countless quaint cafes and restaurants are peppered throughout Venice, just waiting to be explored, the boat rides and transportation themselves a relaxing and scenic experience.

The legendary Hotel Danielli

For those wanting the appeal of a smaller, more personal hotel, the Hotel Danielli gives an inspiringly warm feel coupled with its lavish interior design. Upon entry, guests will be welcomed by a spectacular spiraling staircase dressed with cascading flowers that is fit for royalty, warm lighting seeping into the building from the open ceiling above. The Danielli is historically famous for housing multiple renowned writers and musicians, including Charles Dickens.

The hotel’s interior

There are 204 rooms on offer, each emulating a historical, regal feel with rich blue, gold, and beige tones. Their most lavish suite, the Doge Suite, features furniture dating back to the 18th century. Many may recognize the building for its feature in the famous film ‘The Tourist,’ featuring stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.

The hotel’s eateries

Italy is famous for its cuisine, and the Hotel Danielli pairs this with its gothic Venetian architecture to allow visitors to bask in a genuinely reminiscent experience. The Bar Dandolo has been listed as one of the best in Venice for 16 consecutive years. Their rooftop restaurant, Terrazza Danieli, features Venice’s stunning and otherworldly view. One can dine on the elegant simplicity of Italian dishes like wild sea bass, veal, and other delicacies.

The hotel’s amenities

Alongside its impeccable design and historical importance, the Hotel Danielli also provides a variety of amenities, including a lovely spa, salon, fitness center, tennis courts, and dance floor (along with kind and attentive staff). The Hotel Danielli can host some of the most lavish events with its stellar design, their event rooms showcasing a Renaissance-themed elegance. They offer ten venues (with their most enormous room serving up to 200 people), perfect for weddings, formal dinners, galas, and parties.

Being such a globally popular location, Venice is in best shape around September to November. The city is warm but not too hot, and the lack of crowd makes the city a pleasant and quiet spot, perfect for those seeking a relaxing getaway. The Hotel Danielli offers a cultural and indulgent experience, allowing visitors to taste a moment in history with its preserved 14th-century design. Guests are given the opportunity to walk through hallways that many historical figures once graced. Decadent and regal, it remains unique and one-of-a-kind and a must-stay when in Venice. For those eager to stay at one of the best hotels in Venice, Italy, booking a room with them is just a few easy clicks on their website.

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