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Christmas Traditions

As I’m driving around doing my last minute Christmas shopping, and looking at all the Christmas decorations in my neighborhood with the santa hats on top of the cactuses, it made me stop and think. While i don’t think it is strange people from other states might find it a bit weird.

Every State has its traditions and Arizona is no exception, yes we put Santa hats on the cactus plants. We have some more unusual traditions.

In Chandler AZ they have a tumbleweed tree lighting ceremony, yes you read that right a giant Christmas tree made up of tumbleweeds.

Another AZ Christmas tradition is the decorated tree in the median of Interstate 17, 30 minutes north of Phoenix, while no one has claimed performing this random act of holiday kindness, but its something people have been enjoying as they pass by for almost 40 years.

Families head up to Williams AZ to the “Polar Express” to catch a Grand Canyon Railway train ride to the “North Pole”, its a 90 minute excursion and costumed performers re-create scenes from the book along the way.

The Desert Botanical Garden has its Christmas Las Noches de las Luminaries. Amid the gardens 50,000 desert plants, garden paths are lit by 8,000 bags partly filled with sand a small candle.

While we have our traditional turkey dinner at Christmas another food that you will always see is tamales. Whether you make your own, buy from a grocery store or get them from a friend, neighbor or friend-of-a friend who makes them its always a popular treat this time of year.

We would like to hear some of your states Christmas Traditions.
We hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday.

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