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Best Theme Parks In The World That You Must Visit

Best Theme Parks in the World

Theme parks are the perfect destination for adventurous youngsters and adults with young souls and a thrill-seeking spirit. It’s why millions of families flock to the best theme parks in the world sprinkled throughout the planet; they provide fun and induce adrenaline in no other way. The following is a list of the best theme parks for avid amusement park enthusiasts.

Tokyo DisneySea, Japan

Tokyo DisneySea opened its doors in 2001 and has since become a popular destination for theme-park goers worldwide. Inspired by ocean tales, legends, and nautical exploration, it has a slightly more mature tone, and many have even said it’s better than its counterpart Tokyo Disneyland. Brimming with attractions and entertainment, there are endless things to do at this 176- acre theme park. It pulls in roughly 15 million visits a year, making it the fourth-most-visited amusement park globally.

best theme parks in the world

Epcot, United States

Located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida resides Epcot, a theme park inspired by technology, human evolution, and the integration of international cultures. Ideal for tech-enthusiasts, the front of the park showcases World Nature, Celebration, and Discovery, while the back features the World Showcase Lagoon (of 11 country pavilions). Much of its appeal comes from being both family and adult-friendly, as there are options for both. The adults can indulge in wine and beer (from all over the world) at specific locations. At the same time, the children can enjoy a meet and greet and participate in other exciting activities.

Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Showcasing stunning gardens and nature displays, this theme park is one of the oldest. Opening its doors more than 175 years ago, it’s become a landmark and must-see destination for travelers in Denmark. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, it’s peppered with multiple theaters and restaurants. It rides excellent for those wanting to witness its beauty and history while having fun with its theme park attractions.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, United States

One of the most famous and a household name, Six Flags Magic Mountain (located just outside Los Angeles), showcases some of the most thrill-seeking and extreme rides, perfect for daredevils and true theme-park enthusiasts. It’s been nicknamed the ‘Thrill Capital of the World’, which is no surprise given that it has more roller-coasters than any amusement park in the world (19, to be specific). Not only this but there are 100 rides spread around this colossal 260-acre theme park, aiming to serve the adrenaline junkees but also equally providing Bugs Bunny World,  suitable for the theme park’s youngest guests.

Efteling, Netherlands

Efteling is known for its imaginative rides, scenic gardens, and Dutch Folklore theme and fairytales, making it the largest theme park in the Netherlands and one of the most visited in Europe. It includes a 15-acre Fairytale Forest, prides itself on its expensive and well-built exterior design, and features a four-star hotel and 18-hole golf course. The 180-acre theme park is split into five themed ‘realms,’ With its impressive, high-quality architecture and ethereal theme, it’s no surprise that it’s one of Europe’s most popular amusement park attractions.

Astérix, France

Based on the famous French comic book series, this theme park (located in Plailly, France) attracts around 2.3 million visitors. It’s renowned for its variety of roller coasters and, since its opening, has started to incorporate rides from different historical cultures (including the Ancient Egyptians, the Romans, and Ancient Greece). Twenty kilometers from the French historical landmark Chateau de Chantilly, this French theme park is one to pass by for travelers exploring France.

The most magical and memorable of moments are brought about by the experience of wonder and awe, both of which can be achieved by visiting some of the best theme parks in the world. Go on a roller coaster ride of excitement with this list of the most epic theme parks across the globe.

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