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Best Cruises for Solo Travelers

Best Cruises for Solo Travelers

When one thinks of solo traveling, what comes to mind is backpacking across Europe or roughing it out in impoverished countries. Cruises have always been the domain of family travelers or the incredibly wealthy. Many cruise lines even add single supplements for people residing in spaces designed for more than one person. That is not the case anymore, with cruise lines offering single cabins which are spacious and luxurious, they offer discounts for solo travelers as well.

Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Cruise Line has been voted ‘the best cruise line for solo travelers’ six years in a row by porthole magazine. It is the first cruise line to include studio staterooms for solo travelers. Sadly, they don’t come with a sea view, but regular staterooms can also be booked at twice the cruise fare, with gratuities and taxes only counted for one.

Apart from this, staff aboard the ship also organize singles meet-ups and bar crawls. Their Bahamas and Greek islands packages are highly recommended.

Holland America Line

Guests aboard this line can cruise at an agreed-upon double occupancy rate or share a room with another member of the same sex and share the tariff. What stands out is that solo suites aboard this ship always have an ocean view.

Holland America also hosts a solo travelers party for singles to meet each other apart from organizing mixers, cocktail parties, line dancing, and more. Alaska is a great, slightly offbeat destination on this cruise.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity cruises have multiple single staterooms across five of their ships – the Edge, Apex, Beyond, and Ascent even feature an infinite veranda. The solo staterooms are spacious and have all the same amenities are the other rooms. Several activities are organized on board, such as wine tasting and mixology, which are great ways to meet like-minded travelers.

Atlas Ocean Voyages

Atlas Voyages newly launched ‘World Navigator’ features spacious solo suites with queen beds. This is one of the few cruise lines to offer butler service as well—a great deal for people who want to sit back and relax. The vessel itself is designed to be climate-conscious, consuming less fuel and not harming aquatic wildlife. The South American tours are a great bet to kick off this adventure.


Silversea offers solo travelers the chance to sail the seas with only a 25% single supplement charge. The suites are spacious and include an ocean view and butler service. They host a welcome reception, a great way to meet other solo travelers apart from scheduling regular activities. They even offer gentlemen hosts as dance or dinner companions. Touring the Nordic countries is a great option here.

Avalon Waterways

Traveling Europe’s waterways has never been more convenient for solo travelers, with Avalon waiving the single supplement on every Europe departure. They even offer panoramic suites, which provide unmatched views.

Events such as guest lectures or wine tasting help connect with like-minded individuals. This cruise line is perfect for river cruises in Europe and around the Mekong delta in South East Asia.

Cruise around the world to see nature and life from a different perspective. The ocean teaches a voyager to be free, bold, purposeful, harmonious and peaceful. To learn more about life, sail the world on your own and meet new people. Here are the best cruises for solo travelers who want to go out there and explore.


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