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The 4 Best Eco-Friendly Cruise Ships In The World

Experience the Height of Luxury and Sustainability on These Eco-Friendly Cruise Ships

Cruises are epitomes of luxury. That luxury, however, comes at a cost – not only to the wallet but the environment too. Carbon footprints, waste management, and sustainable practices must all be factored in when we travel today. Considering that cruise lines operate on the higher end of the spectrum for ecological impact, it is not surprising that several cruise companies have adopted measures to curb their effect on the environment. Here are four best eco-friendly cruise ships championing the cause of sustainability.


Uniworld boutique river cruises have made a concerted effort to reduce their impact on the environment. Not only are they committed to achieving carbon neutrality and generating 50% of their electricity through renewable sources by 2030, but they also support third parties who share the same goal of removing carbon from the atmosphere. They have banned the use of single-use plastics and have even teamed up with Leanpath to reduce food wastage.

What sets them apart is their adherence to purchasing locally, with chefs disembarking at ports of call to purchase from local markets and family-run businesses that deal in organic products.


The world’s largest expedition cruise company is a pioneer with its two hybrid-powered ships, committed to converting the rest of its fleet to reduce carbon emissions by 20%. They have even set up The Hurtigruten Foundation, which is built on the three pillars of conserving marine life, fighting plastic pollution, and supporting local projects they explore.

They support indigenous communities and respect their values, customs, and traditions. Onboard auctions raise awareness and funding for habitat restoration projects. They even support initiatives such as Clean-up Svalbard, where people are invited to clean up waste washed up on beaches.


The Galapagos Islands are one of the most pristine places to observe marine life, also having been inducted into UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. Ecoventura offers tourists a chance to explore the beautiful islands with minimal ecological impact. The line is committed to the cause of sustainability by using reusable plastic bottles, producing their own fresh water on board, using organic products, and employing state-of-the-art waste disposal systems. By partnering with Ecology Project International and Pack for a Purpose, they have supported local communities through supplies and scholarships.

Star Clippers

One of the significant effects of cruise ships on the environment comes from burning fossil fuels. While specific cruise liners have adopted LNG as a fuel source, Star Clippers has returned to the art of sailing using wind. Guests also get to experience sailing on a tall ship with several activities such as knot tying and mast climbing being organized by the line.

The vessels maximize the time they use wind power while minimizing the use of auxiliary engines that run on Sulphur gas oil, thus reducing emissions. In fact, Star Clippers was the first cruise to be awarded the International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate. Specially formulated products are used for cleaning, and the staff on board are trained to keep in mind environmental awareness.

Cruising companies are picking up sustainable models that are new and effective. Efficient wastewater management systems, high-tech drag-reduction hull designs, more investment into shore power, are instilling faith in the discerning voyagers. Choosr to travel with some of the best eco-friendly cruise ships in the world.


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