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Visit The Top Fortresses and Castles In Italy

Castles to visit in Italy

For most people, their first encounter with castles and fortresses are most likely through fairy tales. Although a lot of details from these tales are exaggerated, there is one thing that is not – the elegance of castles and fortresses. Famous for its pasta and risotto, Italian delicacies are mouth-watering. People are quite hospitable too. This country is also popular amongst tourists for all things aesthetics, art, and beauty, making it the perfect place to experience the gorgeous castles and fortresses dotting the country. So, if you’re looking to indulge your culinary palette and explore what a real-life fairytale is, then visit any of these top fortresses and castles in Italy. 

Le Torri Di Bagnara Castel, Umbria

Located in the green heart of Italy, Le Torri Di Bagnara Castle is a medieval-themed property and this is quite evident in its stunning structure. The castle caters to a special audience of guests-those seeking the most private and luxurious experiences only. Hence, the hotel’s amenities and services are tailored to suit this clientele. Designed as an all-inclusive castle, the villas come with spa and meeting rooms, yoga sessions, wine tours, and even hot-air balloon rides. Providing custom services to each guest and doting to their every need, no doubt this is one of the best castles in Italy. 

Pieve San Quirico Castle, Adventure Travel 365
Pieve San Quirico Castle - Saltwater Infinity Pool with Panoramic View, Adventure Travel 365

Castello di Naro

Taking a trip here will almost have you questioning the symbolism of time as you’ll be lost in the enchanting beauty of this castle. Featuring alluring views of the hills, this fortress provides one of the most exclusive and luxurious accommodations for guests in the whole country. The interior designs tastefully represent medieval aesthetics, while playing to contemporary tones as well. 

Castello di Naro, Adventure Travel 365
Castello di Naro - Wellness Area, Adventure Travel 365

Castello Di Spaltenna, Siena

Sheltered in the serene, secluded city of Gaiole, Castello Di Spaltenna is designed to be your sanctuary. As one of the best castles in Italy, the standards here are world-class. With exquisite amenities like private spa apartments, three exotic dining experiences, and a wine cellar, one visit to this hotel is never enough. 

Castello di Spaltenna - Wine Cellar, Adventure Travel 365
Castello di Spaltenna - Indoor Heated Swimming Pool, Adventure Travel 365

Castello San Marco Hotel and Spa, Calatabiano

Featuring a private beach, two world-class restaurants, a spa, and a wellness center, Castello San Marco will have you extending your stay. From its authentic and expert service team to the captivating scenery and the picturesque night-view, this castle is perfect for couples who want to experience a royal treat. 

Castello Falconara, Sicily

If you’re looking for a classical middle-aged castle with a modern twist, then you should definitely visit Castello Falconara. Imagine waking up in a beachfront castle, set in one of the most preserved and secluded areas in the whole of Italy, lounging and sipping expensive champagne by the coastline. Dreamy right? Designed as an all-inclusive yet practical mansion, all of your needs are catered to, prioritizing your comfort and relaxation over everything else. Certainly, when it comes to luxurious experiences, Castello Falconara is definitely one of Italy’s finest castles. 

Castello Falconara, Adventure Travel 365
Castello Falconara - Outdoor Pool, Adventure Travel 365

Everyone deserves to feel like royalty, regardless of ancestry. So, if you’re looking to enjoy a getaway at one of the finest and most luxurious destinations in the world, let this list be your guide into a life of royalty.

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