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Historical Must-see sights when in Europe

Experience the History of Europe: The Top Historical Things to Do and See

An imperative part of traveling is to enrich our cultural knowledge and witness monuments that stand the test of time. There is an unparalleled and unique value to learning about our history and evolution. We’re looking at a variety of the world’s must-see locations that have made an impact in our global history and still influence people about our diverse history today.

Stonehenge, Britain

One of the world’s most famous and unexplained locations, the story behind Stonehenge continues to amaze the masses throughout time. There are many theories about the background of this historical ground, whether it was a Pagan prayer site or a burial mound (or even an Alien fixture, as some conspiracy theorists like to say). However, it’s stunning nevertheless.

No one truly knows why these monolithic stones were laid out in their specific pattern, and given how cumbersome they are, it’s hard to say how they came to be there in the first place. Located on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, many continue to visit the prehistoric monument as it’s a must-see sight for anyone traveling to England.

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Incredible Sights to See And Top Things To Do In Europe

Anne Frank’s Home, Netherlands

Amongst the most horrid and monumental moments in our history, Anne Frank continues to be one of the most influential victims of the Holocaust. Her diary (published by the only surviving member of her family, her father, Otto Frank) inspired millions. Her story continues to be told by her now-famous home and shelter (referred to as ‘The Annex’) etched in the city of the Netherlands. The house, where the Frank Family resided before being arrested by the Gestapo in 1944, is located in the quaint Jordaan district of Amsterdam, a lovely area to also explore the quiet canals.

Acropolis, Greece

One of the most regal locations on the list, the Acropolis is a precious monument that symbolizes great Greek history and heritage. Overlooking the stunning city of Athens, it’s where visual arts, democracy, and architecture flourished during the era of 500 BC. Also located nearby is the Acropolis Museum, dedicated to archaeology and a location perfect for avid history buffs.

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La Sagrada Família, Spain

A pinnacle of historical architecture in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia showcases the genius and artistry of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. One of the grandest churches in the entire world, its unique and one-of-a-kind construction is awe-inspiring for anyone who comes across it in reality. It stands upwards of 566 feet. With its intricate spirals, carvings, and sculptures, one can look at it and witness new and obsessive details the longer you observe it. It’s been a work in progress since its construction began in 1882.

St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

This location is considered a shrine for those following the catholic faith. It is the largest Christian Church in Europe but can be appreciated by nearly anyone for its regal beauty and historical importance. Its Renaissance-style design was built in honor of Jesus’ most illustrious apostle, and its original foundations can be dated back to as far as the 4th century. This famous location has become a point of pilgrimage for many devout Catholics and, equally, tourists admiring its architectural beauty.

Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, France

When in Paris, visiting the Eiffel tower is a must. However, this location makes for a more unique yet still equally influential destination. Located off the coast of Normandy in Northern France, it’s a UNESCO-protected abbey on a rocky islet that beautifully stands out amongst the dark blue waters surrounding it. The gothic style abbey (founded in 906) features narrow alleys built in the 15th century and was developed to house the monks who flocked to it. It’s a monumental site that allows you to walk the floors of architectural mastery and the history there.

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Les Catacombes, France

If blood-curdling and creepy sights intrigue you, this location harbors a morbid history but is thrilling nonetheless. Another exciting location in France, the catacombs built underneath Paris in 1785, feature tunnels lined with skulls and bones that are nothing short of shocking. As a solution to overflowing cemeteries, this underground tomb will be a memorable experience for those with a strong stomach!

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