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Top Family Friendly Resorts In The UK

Best Family Resorts in UK

When people talk about going on vacation, very few consider the UK an option. But in reality, the UK is a great spot for a family vacation and offers a wide variety of options to choose from, from beaches to forests, mountains to vales. And while many might not have been welcoming of children in the past, the attitude has changed quite a lot in recent years.

The UK is perfect for a family vacation, especially if you are not averse to a little travel. You can spend a few days staying in the UK, then hop a ferry to Paris or Belgium to experience a little European culture. So, let’s take a look at some of the top family-friendly resorts in the UK.

Potters Resort

Potters Resort is located on the coastline, right on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk. The area is known as Hopton-On-Sea and is a popular vacation spot for those looking to relax and unwind with all the modern luxuries and amenities they desire.

The resort is an old one, established in 1920, and had the honor of being the first holiday village in the UK. Today, a century after its inauguration, the resort is one of the UK’s best 5-star modern holiday villages, offering the best of the modern amenities, as well as accommodation options ranging from rooms and suites to private bungalows for guests who prefer a little extra privacy.

Moreover, the resort offers 4 daily meals per guest, as well as a variety of sports activities such as horseback riding, golf, and more.

Roe Park Resort

Roe Park resort is one of the United Kingdom’s best golf and spa clubs. Located in Northern Ireland, the resort boasts a private 18-hole premium golf course for its guests, surrounded by the beautiful Roe Valley Country Park.

A 4-star luxury resort with all the modern amenities, its 100+ rooms are designed to mix old-world charm with the benefits of modern luxuries and technology. And for guests and private parties who prefer a little more privacy and freedom, Roe Park Resort offers two highly luxurious self-serve options too, known as The Lodge and The Cottage.

The Cottage is designed for up to 6 guests, who can be accommodated in its 3 en-suite rooms. The Lodge, on the other hand, can accommodate up to 11 guests in its single triple room, and four double rooms. Both cottages have a full-sized kitchen and living area, perfect if you want to relax and enjoy your stay in complete privacy.

All in all, Row Park is one of the best resorts in the UK for families, offering top-tier luxury and fun for guests of all ages.

St. Michaels Resort

St. Michael’s Resort is the perfect luxury resort if relaxation is what you plan to do on your holiday. Located near Gyllyngvase Beach, the resort perfectly complements its calm and serene surroundings, with its sea blue and light sandy interior motif.

The resort has won numerous awards for its hospitality services, and they are known as one of the best in the business. The onsite spa is great, offering a variety of wellness and rejuvenation options for its guests. And for the foodies, the resort offers a wide range of gastronomical delights, perfect to keep you occupied your entire stay without ever setting a step out of the hotel.

And the best part, St. Michaels Resort is also dog-friendly. No more would you have to leave your furry friend at a kennel or a sitter when you go on vacation. Just bring them along and let them wander around with you throughout the resort inside or out. That alone makes it one of the best resorts in the UK for families.

The Celtic Manor Resort

Driving up to Wales is an experience in itself, and when you cross into Wales via the Severn Bridge, the first hotel or resort to cross your gaze would be The Celtic Manor Resort. And while it may not look too exciting from the outside, it is a completely different story once you enter the premises.

The Celtic Manor Resort has a rich history amongst the luxury resorts in the UK. They own a private 18-hole golf course, beautifully manicured and cared for, that has played host for the Ryder Cup in the past. To cater to children, however, who might not be as excited by the prospect of regular golf, the resort has added a modern crazy-golf course, complete with a dragon’s lair, for their enjoyment.

Moreover, they also offer several other interesting activities, including archery, horseback riding, tennis, and much more. The adults can enjoy the onsite spa facilities, or choose from the available dining options for something that strikes their fancy.

Trump Turnberry

Trump Turnberry is a luxurious resort estate spread over 800 acres of beautiful lush green land that stands over the Ayrshire Coast. Its claim to fame is that it was the world’s first golfing resort, and has served its guests well for more than a century now.

But the resort doesn’t just offer its golf course. Guests looking to learn the game of golf, or trying to improve it, can join Turnberry Performance Academy, one of the foremost golfing academies in Scotland.

However, it is more than just a golf resort. They offer a variety of activities for both golfers, as well as non-golfers. Guests can choose from a range of options, from spa treatments to some of the best dining and wine options, and even going down to the seashore.

Luxury family resorts in the UK are some of the best in Europe, offering experiences and activities that those in Paris or Germany cannot offer. Many have a rich history of serving guests, and if you choose one from the list above, you will ensure that your UK holiday will be fun.

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