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Things to Keep handy On your Next Travel

No matter what piece of luggage you choose for your next trip, packing requires careful consideration and a meticulous approach to enjoy a smooth travel and vacation experience. Our editors at Adventure Travel 365 suggest products that not only enhance your experience but also add value to the trip. Here are some must-haves:

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An uber-cool neck pillow

Yeah, we know how taxing travel can be; early morning flights, long flights, late departures, long drives, hours-long train journeys, and so on and so forth. Rather than snooze in discomfort, carry this superior-quality Evolution Cool neck pillow from Cabeau. The dual-density memory foam affords both comfort and support. Compress and throw it in your bag when not in use.

Price: Priced at 60 USD at the time of publishing the content

Brand: Cabeau

A sexy sunglass

Get out and make a statement while you protect your eyes from the changing Sun. What works during fall may not be the right choice for fall or winter. Go for lovely shades that complement the season and afford style and clarity. Maui Jim presents these stunning sleek, polarized lenses with red mirror coating. Go for it!

Price: Priced at 316 USD at the time of publishing this content

Brand: Maui Jim

A cutting-edge binocular

As vacations are mainly about the views and adventures, a binocular would be a fantastic item added to the list. Go with this excellent Nocs Pro Issue waterproof product that can be submerged in the water. A ta-da moment for our divers and water babies, definitely all Instagrammers who like their shot to grab some eyeballs.

Price: 295 USD at the time of publishing this article

Brand: Nocs Pro

A trendy pair of jeans

An integral part of your luggage item is an irreplaceable pair of jeans. This piece gives you an edge when you get ready to travel. Easy to wear and maintain, and goes with almost all tops and blazers, go for the Danielle Stretch Jeans by Khaite. Not only does it give you a stovepipe silhouette, but it also affords an illusion of long legs, a hallelujah moment for the cam crazies.

Price: 420 USD at the time of publishing the article

Brand: Khaite

A warm wool tweed coat

While it is not officially wintering yet and fall dawdles around for a while longer, choose to keep a piece of clothing that can help layer up when needed. Covering up does not mean you look any less cool and trendy. Get your hands on this wool tweed coat from the house of Chanel, as it enhances your travel couture and looks.

Price: 9100 USD

Brand: Chanel

A fancy yet comfy pair of sneakers

While creating your style statement, shoes should be an indispensable part of your wardrobe. The right kind of shoe can take you where you belong. We recommend this brilliant pair of sneakers that is perennially fashionable. This collection piece from Gucci is a great choice if you trust luxury brands.

Price: 820 USD

Brand: Gucci

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