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A Winter Wonderland Spa Experience: Finding the Best Hot Springs and Thermal Baths

Winters come with many physical ailments, dryness, hardened muscles, aching bones, and so on. Apart from drinking more water and staying hydrated internally, one must soak in a warm shower to feel better. The best way to find warmth is by looking for the best hot springs and thermal baths that rejuvenate the senses and prepare you for an enjoyable time.

1. Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

If you are after hunting the aurora borealis, then Chena Hot Springs offers you the hot seat for your endeavors. Right outside Fairbanks, this is the most accessible and modern interior hot spring. A fine amalgam of steamy water and icy cold scenery, you can easily blend in and let your guard down. The Aurora Ice Museum and onsite Ice Bar with ice-carved martini glasses are part of the Chena experience. 

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2. Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey

Pamukkale Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Turkey, features stunning white limestone terraces guarding brilliant turquoise water. This natural wonder has captivated high society, including Queen Cleopatra, for centuries. Visitors can also take advantage of the therapeutic waters to alleviate cardiovascular and blood pressure issues.

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3. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Swiss baths are well known for their healing powers. The 19th century witnessed the wealthy curing their illness by taking a soak. The water is mineral rich, and the temperature boosts blood flow, blood pressure, lung ventilation, muscle relaxation, and body movement. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has been developed around the tradition of thermal bathing, with Tamina Gorge feeding the natural hot spring, and luxurious amenities added to the whole experience.

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4. Uunartoq, Greenland

Greenland is dotted with hot springs, but the only one that’s warm enough for a soak is on the uninhabited island of Uunartoq. Spectacular views of whales breaching and icebergs floating by may be had from this vantage point among the mountain peaks. The Arctic beauty that inspired this bath is undeniable, and its remote location makes it one of the world’s most special baths. Water temperatures average about 100 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

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5. Cascate del Mulino, Italy

Tuscany’s most Insta-worthy and Insta-famous, hot springs waterfall is Cascate del Mulino. Maintaining 99 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, this thermal stream of baby blue water seeps through the pools of natural limestone, an experience not to be missed when in Italy. This waterfall is sometimes confused with Terme di Saturnia, a luxe hotel right next door. However, we clear this misunderstanding because Cascate del Mulino has free, round-the-clock admission.

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6. Kerosene Creek, New Zealand

Kerosene Creek is a free swim hot spring located off the roads and through a gravel road calling for accurate navigation. Seek the help of the New Zealand tourism board to get directions to this swimmer’s paradise. Maintaining an all-year-round temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit due to its supply from a natural subterranean spring, this heated spring in Rotorua is a fine soak in the lush jungle of North Island, watching the waterfall softly streaming into the creek.

7. Kraus Hot Springs, Canada

This is a 20-mile journey, paddling through the mountains, rafting, or canoeing licensed vessels to the secluded Kraus Hot Springs in the remote Northwest Territories of Canada. This hidden paradise can be accessed via the Nahanni River, a paddling stream that meanders through roaring waterfalls and spectacular canyons, with a stop at the Kraus Hot Springs, a natural soak that makes tourists stop and unwind. 

8. Banjar Hot Springs, Indonesia

Arriving in the tropical zones of Southeast Asia is an experience in itself. Explore the palm-fringed serenity of northern Bali at Banjar Hot Springs. Steady at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the hot springs here offer a warm soak in the winter while you appreciate the Balinese decor all around. The turquoise waters of Banjar Springs offer swimming at two levels, with one central pool for all guests, one family pool, and eight fascinating dragon spouts. The sulfuric content of the water triggers a therapeutic experience followed by undisturbed sleep. Enjoy the lush greens, towering palms, chirping lullabies, and great food, and hope to find your Zen.

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9. Yangpachen Hot Springs, Tibet

Yangpachen Hot Springs, Tibet’s first-known thermal spa destination, rests on the southern side of Nyenchen Tangula Mountains on the outskirts of Lhasa. Feel the misty air from the natural springs brush across your face while you gawk at the mountain-fringed views, a rejuvenating experience indeed! Across the geothermal field, some waters cross 150 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the Holy Medical Spring Resort offers springs with more soothing temperatures with outdoor and indoor bathing facilities and pools at 13,700 feet above sea level.

10. The Springs Resort & Spa, Colorado

The hot water here is fed by Mother Spring aquifer, certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s deepest aquifer. This resort has the highest number of hot spring pools in Colorado. All 25 thermal pools offer varying temperatures and are open to the public. The richness of minerals in the waters promotes health and heals sore muscles.

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