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7 Unbeatable Safari Adventures You Should Not Miss

Best Safari Adventure Experiences you Should not Miss

Safaris are among the most exotic and unique vacations one can indulge in. The chance to witness nature in its most raw form (alongside the world’s captivating animals) makes it unique, one that many people truly value for the rest of their lives. Here we’re looking at a diverse collection of exciting (and equally calming) safari adventures to truly appreciate and make the most of your majestic vacation.

Helicopter ride over the lush greens

Flying thousands of feet above breathtaking views must be an ideal way to make the most of being within the world’s best locations.

Africa is world-famous for its untouched beauty.  One of the most well-known helicopter rides one can take is held by world-renowned guide Willie Roberts (the owner of Sirikoi lodge in Kenya).

South Africa also offers a multitude of plane or helicopter rides, one including the flips over Drakensberg. And, if you’re interested in a particularly unique and relaxing air-defying activity, hot air balloons are available in Serengeti and Masai Mara.

4X4 offroading on a powerful jeep

Off-road driving in a powerful jeep is freeing and adventurous; allowing people to really explore their inner child and daredevil.

Elewana’s Land Rover Safari is the very first of its kind known in Africa; it has a private expert guide and an all-exclusive safari, and it’s reported that the photos don’t do its beauty justice. Additionally, the East African road system (Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Uganda) is very developed and stunningly scenic, being one to definitely explore. Namibia is also ideal for people wanting a more independent off-road drive as opposed to a tour-led one and there are some incredibly luxurious resorts there that offer this.

Floating experience on a houseboat

Renting a houseboat is one of the more tranquil activities from the list. It can feel incredibly majestic to float over calm waters whilst sleeping under the starriest of nights.

Botswana features a great houseboat programme over the Chobe River, where you can witness the multitude of wildlife during the experience. They have the largest elephant population amounting to an astonishing 120,000. South Africa also offers houseboat tours along the West Coast, Lake Jozini and the Vaal River to name a few.  In Zimbabwe, Lake Kariba is one to keep an eye out for.

Venturing across in mobile safaris

Mobile safaris are incredibly popular among all Safari activities. It is a way to get as truly integrated with your surroundings and allows you to explore new areas every 2-3 days whilst seeing some of the stunning untouched areas of wilderness. In other words, if you are looking for a more raw experience with African nature as opposed to a luxurious one, this is for you.

There are options in Kenya, Tanzania, and Botswana and they usually cost around 1,750 pounds per person for 10 nights (however the price can go up to 6,500 pounds for an extra luxurious option including all aspects covered such as flights, meals, etc).

Safari Adventures You Should Not Miss

Exploring virgin locations on a yacht

The glistening turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean are a magical sight and an opportunity to be immersed in it is something one should not pass. Although expensive, yachts are one the more luxurious vacation experiences, allowing you to visit untouched and unexplored beaches and islands (as well as take part in other activities like fishing and water skiing). However, sailing is a great alternative and can feel much more interactive. Fully crewed yachts (ranging from 40-53ft) are available to sail throughout Seychelles, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zanzibar.

Learning more by socializing with the tribes

One of the most integral parts of making a country is the culture that has been able to flourish within it. An impactful yet memorable way to make the most of your time in Africa can be to visit the villages and tribes that make up the people of Africa. Kenya and Botswana offer amazing programs to meet lovely tribes and the great characters within them, including meeting the San Bushmen who are the oldest traditional tribe residing in Africa.

Some of the favorites amongst camps include the Nduara Loliondo (for the Tanzanian Masai), Saruni Samburi (for the Samburu Tribe), Joy’s Camp (for the Boran Tribe) and Tena Tena (to spend a night in the Zambian Village), just to name a few.

Balance out with yoga practices

A crucial part of a vacation is to realign our minds and feel in touch with our souls. To come back from our trip refreshed and re-energized. Especially if you are planning on filling it with adrenaline-inducing, high-intensity activities like Off-road driving and exploring the untouched wilderness, the perfect way to balance those experiences is with yoga retreats.

Yoga has done wonders for millions who have truly delved into it and what better place to do it than in some of the most breath-taking locations in Africa. Either on a picturesque hilltop, on a sunny beach, or within the calming wilderness, there is a diverse array of choices for whatever you desire as your ideal location for practicing yoga.

Give your lungs some fresh air to breathe. Appreciate the wild as you indulge in a variety of experiences. Plan your safari adventure sensibly to enjoy the wonders of the luxury that African safari brings forth.

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