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The 10 Best Safari Countries to Consider This Year

Explore the Wild in Style at These Best Safari Countries

Safari experiences are a big deal right now! Frankly, we understand why. Imagine enjoying nature’s beauty in the most organic scenery, watching animals in their habitat, and just taking in all of nature’s goodness. That’s exactly what these safaris offer and more. So if you’re an avid lover of wildlife, plan and prepare to have the time of your life. Asides from the close-up view of wildlife, Safaris come with other extra experiences, like an opportunity to understand the culture and climate of a different city or town. If you’re looking to enjoy any of the highlighted experiences in real-time, here are the best safari countries to include on your bucket list.

1. Jao Camp, Botswana

A state-of-the-art private island, with luxurious suites and amenities, delivering one of Africa’s finest luxury safari experiences. The Jao camp journey starts from the trip to the island, with only aircrafts allowed to make their way into this masterpiece!

2. Galapagos Safari Camp, Ecuador

Right in the heart of Ecuador, the Galapagos Safari Camp is indeed a delight to behold. A perfect blend of an aesthetically appealing landscape and a private wildlife tour, whilst on the most luxurious cruises along the island.

3. Miavana Safari, Madagascar

Located on the coast of Madagascar, Miavana fuses the best of tropical forests and peculiar wildlife in diverse habitats. The luxurious helicopter ride over the mountains provides a perfect aerial view of this spectacle.

4. Sagamartha Safari park, Nepal

Set in the heart of Nepal, this Jungle safari camp combines the best of lush tropical forests and tours through the habitat of endangered species, as well as a chance to explore the village and the culture.

5. Serengeti House, Tanzania

Discover the beauty of the Serengeti house in Tanzania, a gorgeous sanctuary that boasts of a serene, exotic environment, as well as access to Tanzania’s finest forest reserve and wildlife.

6. Al maha conservation resort, Dubai

Think of a luxury resort, right in the middle of a desert. One word: Breathtaking. This resort explores the best of Dubai’s desert experience; a relaxing, luxurious atmosphere, coupled with ultra-modern facilities.

7. Ngala Safari Lodge, South Africa

The nightlife experience at Ngala leaves the guests stunned. With eccentric lighting and decoration, guests enjoy the perfect ambiance and comfort in the lodge. Of course, with an undiluted experience of the wildlife.

8. Bamurru Plains, Australia

Australia is the capital of wildlife and visiting the Bamurru plains is one way to enjoy the best of it has to offer! Also known as the “wild bush experience”, the plains explore style and remote wilderness.

9. Platinum heritage desert, Dubai

With unique collections tailored to deliver original adventures, the Dubai platinum desert experience gives an urban, opulent twist to the safari trip. 

10. Londolozi private Games reserve, South Africa

With a sterling reputation as one of South Africa’s foremost luxury safaris, the Londolozi game reserve strikes the perfect balance between opulence and nature. For visitors, it’s also a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Sand river as well as explore its splendor.

If you’ve never been to a safari experience or conservation park before, let this be a sign to fix that this summer! Ensure you take a trip on a safari this year!

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Your safari adventure is waiting for you. We’ve listed down the best safari countries to visit so you can experience full of natural wonders, unique landscapes, tropical jungles, wide savannahs, vast deserts, exotic wildlife, pristine beaches, and towering mountains, all while in a luxurious vacation property.


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