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Top 5 Luxury Transportation Travel Services to Try This Year

Elevate Your Travel with Luxury Transportation Travel Services

When it comes to modern-day tourism, the journey is just as important as the destination. Sometimes, even the journey is the destination with plenty of luxury transport options available on sea, land, and air that go above and beyond to let you experience opulence and luxury. Here are some of the best luxury transportation travel services and vehicles you can opt for.

La Datcha Yacht

Built by Damen Yachting and designed for the adventurous traveler, this luxury yacht allows travel to even the most secluded parts of the globe. A polar code-compliant hull provides for exploration of the extremes, and the submersibles and snowmobiles on board mean one can make the most of any arctic adventure. The deck onboard offers 270-degree views for anyone who doesn’t wish to be so hands-on. There are plenty of activities on board, from a jacuzzi on deck to a wellness center and gym. Enhanced fuel tanks mean the ship can stay at sea for 40 days. Six cabins allow for accommodation of 12 guests who are catered to by a trained crew of 18.

Newmar’s 2022 King Aire Luxury Motor Coach

This luxury RV from Newmar features state-of-the-art technology blended with baroque design. The 45-foot coach is outfitted with intelligent steering technology and modern safety features, making handling it feel like a breeze. The vehicle is wonderfully appointed with Italian full-grain leather, theater seating with heat and massage options, and European hardwood. A Bose-powered sound system, multiple flat-screen TVs, and a modern kitchen area make any trip in the Newmar a celebration of luxury.

Dassault Falcon 2000EX Aircraft

This 10-seater jet offers an unparalleled experience for jet-setting gourmands. Each seat is outfitted with its own table, and the craft even offers a multi-course meal on board. A full kitchen can even be opted for, which comes with an oven, microwave, and espresso machine. There’s even an option to hire a private chef to experience fine dining in the skies. The cabin space is extensive, being over 1000 cubic feet with plenty of baggage space to boot.

Hiram Bingham Luxury Train

This luxury train affords the best way to explore Peru and its wonders by rail. The train is named after the American explorer who stumbled across Machu Picchu in 1911. The day-long journey begins at Poroy and heads into the famed valley of Machu Picchu with a welcome drink, brunch, and gourmet lunch provided along the way. The return journey is just as spectacular, offering stunning vistas of the mountains, forests, and rivers under the light of a setting sun. Live music is also found on board, featuring local instruments, making the trip even more memorable.

Flying Fox Motor Yacht

This 136-meter (446.2 feet) yacht is the epitome of luxury on the seven seas and is the 22nd largest yacht in the world. The spacious two-floor spa features a sauna, massage room, and gym for guests to relax while on board. The main deck even features a 12-meter (39.4 feet) swimming pool, a marvel of a construction for a boat this size. There are 11 cabins on board, each with sea-view terraces, and the luxury boat can comfortably accommodate 25 people. The bridge is outfitted with a top-of-the-line sound system, theater setup, and a great dining area with a fireplace and aquarium. The deck and all the kitchen provisions for a delectable world cuisine.

A journey to remember

The past century witnessed some bold breakthroughs from top-notch luxury brands. It seems that the best designers and engineers in the world are pushing to make the impossible possible. Experience such luxurious engineering marvels when you choose one of those incredible luxury transportation travel services and vehicles listed above.


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