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Top Sustainable Iceland Hotels

Sustainable Hotels in Iceland

While it is not a tropical paradise, Iceland can be tagged a travel heaven. Popular for being one of the coldest tropics, Iceland is quite a fascinating spot to visit. It’s the home to gorgeous views and rugged landscape. Check out Blue Lagoon, Northern Lights, volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers. If you’re a fan of icebergs, viking sites, and wildlife, then you should definitely plan your next trip to Iceland. Before you hop on that flight, check out this list of the top sustainable Iceland hotels for a seamless trip.

Hotel Ranga

For Hotel Ranga, their utmost fulfillment lies in the happiness and satisfaction of their guests. Hence, they’ve curated several experiences for tourists to experience “the best that Iceland has to offer in a luxury setting.” From the age of Aurora to the scrumptious gourmet experience and the stargazing at the Ranga observatory, this hotel will leave you mind blown. 

The hotel uses green and renewable energy generated at geothermal power plants. Even the hot-spring water is supplied by a nearby geothermal power plant. Among many other green initiatives, it also tries to use as much local produce as possible for guests’ consumption.

Hilton Reykjavík Nordica

The Hilton hotels have a long history (spanning about 100 years) of building and creating most of the best hotel experiences in the world. At Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, the suites are elegantly decorated, with tasteful pieces adorning the rooms. The spa and wellness experience are major perks here. Plus, all their facilities are 100% accessible! This hotel does take significant steps to ensure a  sustainable stay.

Fosshótel Reykjavík

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a luxury eco-friendly hotel set in a safe, serene environment with 24-hour service staff, an upscale fitness center, and a restaurant that provides the most delicious delicacies? Absolutely no one!  Fosshotel is the perfect balance for tourists seeking privacy and still love to enjoy the perks of getting away. It’s by far one of the most luxurious eco-friendly hotels in Iceland.

Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel

Popularly known as the urban eco-friendly hotel, Eyja Guldsmeden hotel really lives up to this alias. Reflecting its “green” theme, the interior of the hotel is a classy bohemian with a modern twist. The in-house restaurant serves healthy, organic delicacies and a well-equipped fitness center. The toiletries are eco friendly too. The rooms provide the perfect view of the mountain Esja and provide proximity to the most exciting spots in the city.

Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik City Center

If you love all-inclusive hotels, then Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik City Center is perfect for you. Designed as the ultimate haven for you to relax in comfort, this hotel is an embodiment of safety, security, and serenity. From its fully fitted fitness center to its top-notch boutique, and restaurant, this is by far one of the best travel sustainable hotels in Iceland.

Ready to hop on that trip to discover Greenland?

Be sure to check out any of the highlighted sustainable hotels in Iceland. You’d be sure to have the most adventurous time.

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