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The Ultimate Spring Road Trip: Scenic Routes and Places to Visit in Spring in USA

Places to visit in spring in USA

It’s March already and the monotones of the outdoors have been replaced by the bright splashes of spring. We are so smitten by the Eurasian road trips, the beauty of a continent so diverse, that we forget the gorgeous outdoors of the USA. While we swoon over international destinations, it is home where we should look for equally beautiful destinations and roads this year. There are miles and miles of winding roads, stunning state and national parks, unfamiliar places, mountains, forests, and beaches, there is something for every traveling soul. 

Spring is when there are migrations, a great time to see the birds. The season brings out the best of blooms across the globe, the USA doesn’t disappoint either. Pack your bags, load your car, and get ready for an action-filled road trip. 

Southern California to Joshua Tree National Park

Just a few hours from Los Angeles, this national park is an ideal road trip this month and the next few with 70 long miles to tackle as you go. This road has multiple stops and you can make it an overnight trip to watch the sun set and rise as well. If you drive down from as far as Chicago, it will take you about eight hours across the country, and it’s best to spend a couple of days or more to make the most out of this trip. The southern entrance is about an hour from Palm Springs, the closest city to this national park. This is where you collect the map from the visitor’s center.

Now here’s what you can do while you drive down this fabulous national park. Drive to the Keys Views which offers a panoramic view of the Coachella Valley and the Colorado Desert. There’s no hike involved, you can directly bring your cars to the parking lot. Gawk at the sweeping views, and if it is a clear day, you can witness the Salton Sea and Signal Mountain that lie across the border of Mexico. Those with a 4WD vehicle can take the 18-mile trail to the exceptional geology tour. 

A few more things to do while here is a visit to Cholla Cactus Garden, click pictures of the famous Skull Rock or spend several nights moving from one location to another just to admire the sparkling star-studded sky.

Montana and Wyoming to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

Two spectacular national parks, spread only about 100 miles apart from each other, connected through are your finest option for a single road trip from April onwards. A week-long trip that covers two national parks is no mean feat. Jackson in Wyoming lies closest to Grand Teton and is the best option if you intend to lay over. Spring witnesses the annual migration of wildlife, so expect to be surprised by bison, deer, elks, and moose jostling to find their way to their summer homes. Keen drivers can swerve through John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway, a scenic connector between the two national parks, towards Yellowstone, to see more wildlife at this national park. What awaits you here are geysers, hot springs, mud spots, and more, a complete earthy experience to be savored. 

Grand Teton looks quite different from the more popular Yellowstone National Park. This park is named after the Teton Range, which is a jagged, rocky mountain range, spread across this national park. Numerous lakes and splendid hiking trails are available here. Enthusiasts can spend weeks hiking each thrilling trail and visit Jenny Lake, Cascade Canyon, Schwabacher Landing, Oxbow Bend, and many more attractions. Yellowstone is different in spring. It is mostly winter here with lows at double to single digits, and the weather is highly unpredictable. It is in April that most roads open up as the snowfall retreats and you have to drive slowly to not disturb the migrating animals. 

Washington D.C. to Shenandoah National Park

While the cities are a charmer, what enthralls you in the USA is its diverse geology. While the galleries, architecture, and museums in Washington D.C. can keep you hooked for a while, let it not hold you back in spring. Take Skyline Drive, a 105-mile drive through Shenandoah National Park, right along the Blue Ridge Mountains. This brilliant road trip, steer your way along waterfalls, spring blooms, spectacular wildlife, and scenic overlooks. The Shenandoah Valley Overlook offers views of the gorgeous Shenandoah River as it meanders its way through the valley. The Hogback Overlook offers a view of Massanutten Mountain and the Alleghenies. 

Take a pit stop t admire the panoramic views. Go for a short hike to feed on the beauty and stretch your tired muscles from the long drive. You can also drop by Harry F, Byrd Visitor Center, a campground decked up in spring wildflowers. At Rockfish Gap, the Skyline Drive ends, making way for a 500-mile scenic drive from Blue Ridge Parkway to the Smokies National Park. 

Video – The Best Road Trips in America

Austin to Texas Hill Country Wildflower Loop

When the wildflowers bloom, one must take a ride through the Texas Hill Country. Spring invites all outdoors enthusiasts to a wonderful trip, driving 90 miles towards the west on Route 290 to Route 281. Marvel at the colorful landscape of bright bluebonnets, Indian Blankets, and Indian Paintbrushes here. Drive further to Fredericksburg to see the spectacular wine destination. Your drive to see the spring blossoms just begins here. 

A 40-minute northward drive to Llano, Highway 16 is a scenic drive. South of downtown, at St. Edward’s and University Loop, visitors can find the lovely bluebonnet fields. About 13 miles southeast of downtown Austin, there’s McKinney Falls State Park with its massive 726 acres of cycling and hiking trails, picnic spots, campgrounds, playgrounds, and swathes of bluebonnets. If you drive 20 miles north of downtown, you will reach Bushy Creek Lake Park. It is a 90-acre land full of nature trails, a huge lake, and picturesque picnic spots. Drive an hour northwest of Austin to Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area, it boasts mesmerizing waterfront views, camping, boating, a field full of bluebonnets, and more.

Phoenix to Flagstaff in Arizona

Phoenix experiences lovely weather during spring. Flagstaff, being at an elevation of 7000 feet, experiences cooler temperatures, ensuring a fabulous drive. If you intend to embark on a trip from here, begin at I-17 north and move through Sonoran Preserve. Your route winds 100 miles through a desert landscape to its first stop at Montezuma Castle National Monument. Continue northeastward to take AZ-179 towards Sedona, revealing over 7 miles of impressive scenery. Admire the red-tinted rugged rock formations, an incredible sight triggered by the presence of excess iron in the soil. Hike the vortexes if that’s your sport too.  

Spring calls for a drive towards AZ-89A, towards Flagstaff, where you can check out Slide Rock State Park’s wildflower growth. A 30-minute drive from here brings you to Flagstaff, cradled in the world’s largest Ponderosa Pine Forest. Take a pit stop and explore Downtown Flagstaff and its history. A night stay here should recharge you for the adventure to Grand Canyon National Park, Petrified Forest National Park, and Wupatki National Monument. 

Discover more about Arizona : Sedona, Arizona: Home To Natural Beauty And The World’s Most Stunning Scenery

Drive through Northern California Wine Country

While this might look like a plain old wine country visit, this road trip is a bit different. Let’s begin with Santa Rosa and Sonoma. Did you hear about Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve? It is a treasure located north of Guerneville. It is home to some of the most charming trails weaving through towering cathedrals. This location takes about a 25-minute drive from downtown Santa Rosa. Only a 15-minute drive from the same city is St. Francis Winery and Vineyards. This winery brings to you a variety of wine-tasting opportunities along with multi-course experiences. 

In Napa drive towards Alpha Omega Collective, a tasting room downtown offering Bordeaux-inspired releases such as Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs from Tolosa, and Mediterranean reds such as Perinet. Castello Di Amorosa and Chateaux is a Tuscan Castle surrounded by rolling vineyards. Most Insta-worthy location during your drive across Napa Valley, this is where you can taste five premium category wines with Belgium chocolate pairings. Additionally one can drive down to Inglenook Winery, Miner Family Winery, Schramsberg Vineyards, and more. 

Out of all the incredible trips you see here, what’s common is the mode of transport. There is perhaps nothing more freeing and exciting than an automobile. The USA is popular for its iconic road trips, it is where travelers can witness all facets of the nation, rural and urban, mountains and plains, rivers and oceans, history and future, and so much more. Time to blast some tunes, feel the fresh air, and enjoy these fabulous road trips in the USA.

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