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Where Should You Spend Your Summer Break This Year

Best Places to Visit in the Summer

Summers mean planning an awesome vacation trip. And even for solo travelers, summer vacations are a great time to unwind and refresh at some of the greatest places around the globe. But coming up with the perfect solo or family summer break ideas can be difficult, especially for those who rarely travel. The place you choose should have good summer resorts, ample activities for people of all ages, good food, as well as activities that you can do together as a family.

The list below consists of the top summer vacation destinations in the world, perfect for the ones traveling solo or with their families during this summer break. 

Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Daintree Rainforest in Port Douglas, Australia, is a great place to enjoy your summer vacations. For one thing, summer vacation for most of the world falls within the winter months in Australia, which makes for an interesting trip. 

Moreover, Port Douglas is home to the biggest coral reef in the world, as well as the oldest rainforest. That makes it perfect for travelers with families, where the kids and the parents can enjoy both solo as well as family activities. 

You can introduce the children to the wonders of snorkeling and diving, or take them on a guided expedition through a part of the Daintree Rainforest. Moreover, parents can enjoy canoe rides through crocodile-laden waters or zip-line through the forest canopy. As for the kids, playing on the pristine beaches of Port Douglas while enjoying ice creams made with exotic local fruit is going to be a great vacation experience. 

Overall, Daintree is one of the top summer vacation destinations for a family trip, with great accommodation options such as Niramaya Villas and Spa, or the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort. 

You can also read about Bamurru plains, Australia. 


Iceland is as beautiful as it is remote, and it offers some of the best family vacations ever, especially adventures. One of the few places where you can observe blue whales aboard an arctic ship, enjoy hot springs, swim in a glacier melt lake, or more, all within a few hours’ drive of each other, makes it one of the best vacation destinations.

Moreover, Iceland is one of the safest places for visitors, both solo travelers as well as families. The locals are highly hospitable and are mindful of the needs of children. That is why you will often see a play area for children in restaurants and cafes, making it the perfect place to visit for families. 

Plus, you can enjoy the country on your own, driving across the country during the summer, or just cozying up in Reykjavik during the winter. Iceland has a variety of luxurious resorts and hotels for its visitors, such as The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, offering first-class facilities and amenities for those who desire it, making it one of the top summer vacation destinations for family trips. 

Costa Rica

One of the most family-friendly vacation destinations in the world, Costa Rica has the perfect tropical climate, great beaches, great food, and many sights to explore around the country. So no matter what kind of family vacation you desire, Costa Rica will have something to suit your needs. 

Traveling with teenagers can be as difficult as with children. Finding activities that are designed for them can be challenging, especially for older teens. If that’s the case for you, then La Fortuna is the perfect vacation resort for you in Costa Rica. Situated just half a dozen kilometers away from Arenal Volcano, the area offers great outdoor adventures in the surrounding rainforest, as well as near the volcano. 

For travelers from the USA, Costa Rica is the ideal summer vacation destination, as there are few custom formalities to fulfill, as well as a smaller distance to travel. Plus, the country’s tropical climate makes it one of the top summer vacation destinations throughout the year. You can enjoy all that the country has to offer, such as the beautiful beach resorts, great views of the countryside as you drive through it, or experience the great Latin culture of the people.

In short, there are some great summer resorts around the world, perfect for both families and solo travelers. So if you fancy a trip during this summer break, why not choose from one of the top summer vacation destinations curated here?

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