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Bucket List Winter Adventures To Experience In The USA

Bucket List Winter Adventures

The nip in the air ushers different emotions in everyone. Some love the dropping temperature, and some would shiver no matter how high or low the temperature is, and the best of them all are those who gear up quickly into the holiday spirit, just at the drop of a hat. No matter which category you would classify under, you can enjoy the winter whichever way you want, whether at the frozen Chicago lakeside or under the warm Californian Sun.

Chicago, Illinois, for Ice Skating

Windy City welcomes those who love the icy cold and freezing temperatures. This winter wonderland turns into a frozen lakeside city, vibrant with festive cheer and warm enough to bring a smile to your face. Home to Winter Wonderfest, Chicago hosts this annual winter fest that features a number of fun activities, such as ice skating. Drop by Millenium Park, and gawk at the city skyline while you glide across the icy surface of the rink.

Chicago, Illinois

Anchorage, Alaska, for ice fishing

Alaska, perhaps, is at the bottom of your bucket list as a winter holiday destination, and rightfully so. The chill in the bones you experience may not be the best for the cozy vacation you seek. Alaska experiences only a 5-hour day, making way for the stunning northern lights. Once you have experienced the phenomena, engage in a local and seasonal activity. Ice fishing is a popular activity here and requires fine skills to get the catch of the day. Hire yourself a guide and rock it while you are here.

Anchorage, Alaska

The Grand Canyon, Arizona, for extraordinary views

Feel like a lilliputian at the land of the Grand Canyon, and marvel at the spectacular views. The bright orange and burst of colors against the clear blue sky allow excellent photography. If you add the sprinkles of snow, like silver nonpareils, on a chocolate cupcake, that’s what Grand Canyon looks and feels like in winter. Not all the parks here are accessible during winter due to the dense snow cover, although you will find shuttles that carry you to viewpoints and some scenic trails that remain open due to better weather conditions.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Vail, Colorado, for snowboarding and skiing

Called the king of American ski resorts, Vail, Colorado, features over 200 trails and 30 lifts ready to set the mood for an epic holiday. Vail’s open plains and slopes allow a perfect piste for skiing and challenging the teeth-bearing cold. The slopes are like a canvas where you can etch your tracks like abstract art for the world to see. You can enjoy a change of scenery from Vail at Breckenridge, only 45 minutes away.

Vail, Colorado

Lake Tahoe for a family vacation

This is a playground for the stars. Despite its old-school feel and receiving the highest amount of snowfall, this destination is trendy for its gorgeous ski runs, highest vertical drop, and mesmerizing views. Bring your family here as Lake Tahoe ensures there’s fun for everyone. Despite the crowd, you feel comfortable due to the space this destination offers. Emerald Bay is a fine attraction with snowshoe trails, there are Casinos at Lake Tahoe South, and the annual Lake Tahoe Snowfest is hosted here with unbridled fun over ten days, making Lake Tahoe the most-famed American winter holiday destination for families.

Lake Tahoe

Joshua Tree National Park, California, for some warmth

Tired of the biting American cold in cities like San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles? Find greener pastures (we mean the warmth of the Sun) at Joshua Tree National Park. Enjoy a fascinating drive from the nearby Palm Springs through the park. Take an offbeat route to journey across unique rocks and Joshua Trees while soaking in the warmth of the Mojave Desert. The moderate temperatures experienced here are perennial making way for a clear starry night to camp under the dark skies.

Joshua Tree National Park, California

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