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Discover an Extraordinary Escape at Tropica Island Resort

Arrive at the stunning Tropica Island Resort, where your journey to a tropical paradise begins. Nestled in a secluded bay on Malolo Island, this adults-only boutique resort offers 24 beautifully appointed bures and suites, ensuring an intimate and rejuvenating experience. With breathtaking views of Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands, Tropica is the perfect escape for couples celebrating special moments—whether it’s a babymoon, vow renewal, or a romantic retreat. Your love story unfolds against a backdrop of azure waters, swaying palm trees and magnificent island views.

Fabulous Stay: Embrace the Fijian Culture

Here, every accommodation is meticulously designed for an unforgettable stay. Rooms are curated to offer an immersive experience, harmonizing with the island’s natural beauty and providing guests with a taste of Fijian charm.

The Sanctuary Pool Suites, with their modern aesthetics and private plunge pools, offer a generous 70 sqm of space, creating an idyllic haven for couples.

Traditional Beachfront Bures, featuring high ceilings and open-plan interiors, provide a spacious 60sqm retreat with a blend of contemporary style and Fijian cultural influences.

Beachfront Pool Bures, a choice to experience the ultimate romantic escape, are adorned with private plunge pools and outdoor showers, offering a touch of exclusivity amidst lush tropical gardens. Sip champagne on your private balcony and relish in nightly turndown service, ensuring a truly romantic experience.

The Deluxe Pool Bure, designed for celebration and rejuvenation, unveils sweeping Pacific Ocean views, a 3.5m x 2.5m infinity-edge pool, and a spacious open-plan layout. Fully air-conditioned and stylishly appointed, this bure is a haven for couples seeking comfort, privacy, and breathtaking sunsets. Indulge in the daily replenished water bottle, full-cooked breakfast, and personalized concierge service for an elevated tropical experience.

Tropica Gastronomic Journey: No Time for Tummy Time

Embark on a culinary adventure at Tropica Island Resort, where dining transcends mere sustenance to become a soulful rejuvenation.

Lakalaka Restaurant: A Symphony of Fijian Flavors

Savor the essence of Fijian cuisine at Lakalaka Restaurant. Poolside dining with breathtaking ocean views sets the stage for a gastronomic journey through carefully crafted menus inspired by local delicacies and home-cooked favorites. Under the starlit sky and warm sea breeze, this open-air haven creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere, inviting you to indulge in the rich and diverse flavors of the Pacific.

Lako Mai Bar: Sunset Bliss and Casual Delights

As the sun dips into the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Mamanuca Islands, Lako Mai Bar becomes the ultimate destination for a relaxed dining experience. Enjoy casual bites from our all-day menu paired with refreshing drinks. The laid-back ambiance and the local entertainment make it the perfect spot to unwind and relish the captivating sunset.

Culinary Excursions: Beyond the Ordinary

Tropica Island Resort elevates dining to a unique level. The Full Board Meal Plan unlocks a variety of culinary delights, from sumptuous breakfast buffets to themed dinners. The Romantic Private Pier Dinner offers a secluded setting for an intimate celebration. At the same time, the Monuriki Island Picnic and Sandbar Picnic provide unparalleled experiences on uninhabited islands surrounded by the beauty of the Mamanuca Islands. Each dining experience at Tropica is a celebration of Fijian flavors curated to make your stay unforgettable.


Tropica Day Spa: Unwind in Fijian Bliss

Soak in the tranquility at the Tropica Day Spa, where the essence of the island intertwines with blissful spa adventures. Picture yourself in the lap of indulgence, surrounded by soothing offerings designed to caress both body and spirit. Here are some of the treatments that you can indulge in:

Fijian Bobo Massage: Island Rhythms for Your Senses

Experience the magic of the Fijian bobo massage – a dance of skilled hands that sweeps you away into pure relaxation. Let the island’s therapeutic touch untangle the knots and weave a tapestry of serenity.

Glowing Facials and Posh Spa Marvels

The spa delights extend to radiant facials, posh spa manicures, and pedicures. Luxuriate in treatments infused with Fijian elements, leaving your skin luminous and your senses awakened.

Couples Bliss: Love on Island Time

For those special moments – honeymoons, babymoons, anniversaries, or birthdays – savor a romantic couples massage. Enveloped in the heady aroma of coconut and cinnamon, this intimate session transforms into a celebration of love and relaxation.

Rejuvenation Package: Your Ticket to Island Zen

From the first step, the Rejuvenation Package ensures relaxation. Let the certified therapists guide you on an invigorating journey, attuned to the island’s peaceful vibes. The Tropica Day Spa isn’t just a retreat; it’s a haven where Fiji’s spirit infuses each rejuvenating moment.

Embrace the Magic of Fiji at Tropica Island Resort

In the embrace of Fiji’s enchanting beauty, Tropica Island Resort stands as an oasis of tranquillity, relaxation and romance. From the moment you arrive, the dreamy setting on Malolo Island envelops you in a world of azure waters, ivory sands, and swaying palm trees—a canvas for your love story to unfold. With meticulously designed accommodations, the resort offers a taste of Fijian charm while honoring the island’s natural beauty. From the intimate Sanctuary Pool Suites to the romantic Beachfront Pool Bures and the breathtaking Deluxe Pool Bure, each space is a haven for couples seeking comfort, privacy, and breathtaking sunsets. Dining at Tropica transcends the ordinary, celebrating Fijian flavors in picturesque settings. And when it’s time to rejuvenate, the Tropica Day Spa beckons with its blissful treatments.

As you depart, you take with you memories and the essence of Fiji’s spirit—a promise that freshness, excitement, and rejuvenation await your return. Your tropical escape may be ending, but the magic of Tropica Island Resort will linger in your heart, inviting you back to experience it all over again.


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