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Experience the Wonders of Chile: The Best Hotels in the Country

Located in the closest place to Patagonia, home to the National Park Route, the AWA Hotel prides itself on its stunning geographical location and is truly one of the best hotels in Chile. Set on the shore of Llanquihue and abundant in volcano views, staying at the AWA is a way to completely immerse in nature. Guests can escape from everyday life and feel a tranquil replenishment at this luxurious hotel. Culture is prioritized, for its exteriors were built with reinforced concrete while using a Chilean construction technique.

Discover the Beauty of Northern Patagonia

Avid adventurers can go on excursions planned by the hotel itself, allowing you to appreciate the stunning Chilean nature. Fly fishing, a fun and tranquil experience, is excellent for friends and family, as well as Kayaking amidst the view of epic, forested mountains. For those eager for more adrenaline-inducing activity, rafting down speedy rapids is also a fun, bonding experience. Alongside this, cooking classes using fresh, local produce and horseback riding allow are activities for all ages and interests. And, for those genuinely wanting to explore the majestic lands of Northern Patagonia, a variety of hikes and trails are available. The ‘Ancient Alerce Hike,’ for example, allows you to witness the unique species of Chile, such as the world’s smallest deer, the Pudu and, the Chilean Cat, the Guinea amongst others. Guests are also provided with bikes, allowing their exploration of the land to be easy and accessible.

Individuals can also be enriched by the prominent culture of Latin America. Their Lake theater is home to performances of world-renowned art and theater, such as ballet to the music of Tchaikovsky. For those looking to experience serenity and wellness, this can easily be achieved at the AWA hotel, with grounding yoga classes and a stunning spa center available (equipped with a sauna, hammam, and hot tubs). You can receive a variety of calming facials, therapies, and massages, sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Individuals can also take a dip in their pool, featuring a scenic view of the lake.

Relaxing, Spa-like Vacation at AWA Hotel

Each room at this gorgeous hotel is decked with a private bathroom with a spa bath, a homely fireplace, and panoramic lake views. They showcase an elevated simplicity, reminiscent of a luxe spa experience, and offering a serene and tranquil vacation for those who stay there. With various room types available (from twin rooms to villa suites), tailor their stay on what accommodation type suits them best.

A higher standard of hotel dining

The dining experience at the AWA hotel prides itself on the focus on regional produce and blending their local contemporary cuisine with international dishes to provide guests with a unique and explorative experience. Their in-house Chef, Camilo Villaroel and Mathieu Michel are known to provide new and fresh meals based on their seasonal ingredients, offering an exciting and invigorating menu for the different times of the year. Vacationers are also able to request any special dietary needs, allowing them to have a truly personalized and enjoyable experience while sitting in a gorgeously designed restaurant and appreciating the incomparable view outside.

Fall in love with Patagonia

Patagonia is best to visit during the seasons of Spring and Summer (between September and March). The days are known to be longer and there is less rainfall, allowing you to make the most of the outdoors, a good note to take if you’re interested in visiting these parts of Chile.

With their focus on allowing guests to embark on a getaway full of stunning outdoor exploration, fresh produce, and cultural local enrichment, a stay at the AWA hotel is sure to be one of uniqueness and depth. For those interested, a stay with them is made easy by visiting their website and booking with them directly.

Visitors to AWA Hotel can expect an experience that is unlike any other, thanks to the hotel’s emphasis on outdoor adventure, local produce, and cultural enrichment. All of the excursions are private and catered to the specific interests and preferences of each visitor, making a stay here truly one of the best in Chile.



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