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Northern Lights in Style: A Guide to Luxury Glass Igloos and Lodges in Scandinavia

Luxury Glass Igloos and Lodges in Scandinavia

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

Source : Bruised Passports

Famous for its glass igloos, Kakslauttanen provides a unique way to witness the Northern Lights from the comfort of your bed. Experience the magic of Lapland’s winter retreat. Stay enchanted in Glass Igloos, perfect for witnessing the Northern Lights, or choose the Kelo-Glass Igloos, a warm blend of log chalets and stunning views. For an authentic touch, the log chalets, snow igloos, and special suites offer a unique stay surrounded by Lapland’s beauty.

As you embrace the winter wonderland, engage in thrilling activities such as husky safaris, reindeer journeys, and snowmobile adventures. Imagine the joy of horseback riding or sleigh rides in the snowy forest, capturing the essence of a Finnish Christmas. The highlight is the enchanting Aurora hunting, where you go on a nocturnal adventure to witness the Northern Lights’ mesmerizing dance. Escape the ordinary and create magical memories in Lapland’s serene embrace.

Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Source : Dezeen

At the Icehotel, a Swedish marvel springs to life each year along the Torne River. Picture passionate artists gathering in Jukkasjäarvi to sculpt this icy wonderland, only to watch it gracefully melt away come spring. It invites you to stay in cozy ice rooms or indulge in the fleeting charm of art suites uniquely crafted by global talents. Adding a cool twist, ICEHOTEL 365 ensures a year-round Arctic escapade. Imagine a massive 2100 square meter ice hall featuring hand-carved ice sculptures, a five-course menu flaunting Scandinavian delights, and the renowned Ice Bar with drinks served in ice-carved glasses. 

The adventure begins here. To take it all in, chase the Northern Lights during the dark arctic nights. This journey promises more than just lights in the sky; it includes a thrilling dog sledding excursion and an evening visit to the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko. Picture yourself on a chairlift ride, surrounded by the enchanting aurora-filled skies, making memories under the cosmic light show.

Levi Igloos, Finland 

Source : Glass Igloos

In the heart of Finnish Lapland, where the Northern Lights dance across the sky 200 nights a year, discover the enchanting Levi Igloos. Nestled on Utsuvaara fell, just 10 kilometers from the renowned Levi ski resort, these 12 luxurious glass-ceiling huts redefine the art of Aurora-watching. Imagine drifting into a world of snowy landscapes, where each igloo offers front-row seats to the celestial spectacle.

Levi Igloos goes beyond mere accommodation. Picture the Northern Lights House, a villa boasting two bedrooms, a fireplace, a sauna, and a panoramic terrace with a bubbling hot tub. Perfect for thrill-seekers, it’s strategically located next to Levi, Finland’s top winter resort, offering many activities – from husky and reindeer safaris to snowmobile adventures and guided Aurora night tours.

Lyngen North, Norway

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Located by the Lyngenfjord, amid the Northern Norwegian wilderness, Lyngen North offers glass igloos with stunning fjord and mountain views, providing a cozy yet elegant spot for Aurora watching. The 180º Igloos, boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, offer a year-round retreat with uninterrupted views of the Lyngen Alps and Lyngenfjord. Designed for two adults, each 25m² space creates a cozy haven for witnessing the Northern Lights through crystal-clear glass.

For an even more immersive experience, the 360º Igloos, designed for couples, promise warmth and comfort against the winter chill. The onsite restaurant, Solvind, offers a nightly three-course menu with panoramic views of the Lyngen Alps and the night sky. As the lights emerge, the ambiance dims, creating a dreamy setting for guests. With dinner and breakfast included, Lyngen North invites you to witness the Northern Lights in style, creating memories that linger long after the lights fade.

Golden Crown – Levin Iglut, Finland

Source :

Nestled in a prime spot, Levi gets its fair share of this celestial spectacle—sometimes every other night. The key, though, is to pick the right moment and spot. Darkness is the stage, and a clear sky is the ticket. At Levin Iglut – Golden Crown, you have two excellent choices. First, sleep under the northern lights in the Glass Igloos, and you see a gorgeous, fell landscape when you open your eyes. The Northern Lights House is a fancy spot with its own sauna and a private terrace with a hot tub. 

Second, head to Restaurant Utsu. The entire second floor is see-through, so you can enjoy your meal with views of the magical Northern Lights or stunning landscapes. Downstairs, there’s a cozy log fire. And, oh, the food is as excellent as the vibe. Levin Iglut is all about mixing luxury with the jaw-dropping beauty of Lapland. Levi unveils its own light show, painting the night skies with the enchanting hues of the Northern Lights.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Rovaniemi, Finland

Source : Arctic Tree House Hotel

Offering a unique blend of luxury and nature, the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel provides suites with panoramic views and Scandinavian design. While not traditional igloos, these treehouses give a unique vantage point for viewing the Northern Lights amidst the forest. It is the perfect spot to catch the magical Northern Lights. There are diverse stays, like the Arctic GlassHouses, with two bedrooms, a fireplace, and a sauna, ideal for up to six guests. If luxury is your aim, the ArcticScene Executive Suites boast a separate living room, bedroom, and wellness area.

From November 1, 2023, to April 14, 2024, embark on a journey through Rovaniemi’s snowy forests to witness the wonder of the Northern Lights. Enjoy stories about Arctic life, warm up by the fire, and taste Lappish treats. With a maximum of eight persons per group, you’ll have an exclusive experience. The hotel provides a front-row seat for the breathtaking Aurora Borealis and a cozy retreat in the heart of Finnish nature.

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