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Embrace Nature at San Montano Resort & Spa

Experience Paradise at the San Montano Resort

Perched on Monte Vico hill, on the north coast of Ischia, and wrapped in lush greenery, San Montano Resort & Spa is a blend of modern architecture and nature. It draws inspiration from its surrounding exotic landscape and the warmth of Italian culture. The fascinating structure echoes a strong sense of architecture that deftly knits together the elements of wood, stone, and marble with regional texture and colors such as blue, white, and ocher. Natural light floods through the reception hall while classic ancient Neopolitan tiles adorn the interiors. The expansive terraces mirror the design of the traditional houses encircling the Mediterranean coast, and despite the similarity, this property is a sheer marvel to witness.

Here is what you come by

This glamorous five-star resort boasts three hectares of delightful nature and attractive amenities. There are 11 awe-inspiring swimming pools, a beautifully landscaped garden with aromatic plants, more than 600 lemon trees, and gorgeous sea views.

The picturesque views are that of hidden coves, the Gulf of Naples, the lovely flora of the island, and the Phlegraean and Pontine islands on either side.

Here is where you stay

The 73 suites and rooms of the property offer refreshing views of the infinity pool, the sea, and beyond. The terraces and balconies ensure there are ample outdoorsy moments during your stay indoors. The furniture exhibits a Mediterranean vibe, and the decor incorporates traditional and modern elements with seaside hues and light fabrics.

This is how you are treated

Ocean Blue Spa offers relaxing views, affording a calming experience. Layered between the sky and sea, the spa extends heavenly experiences in the most Earthly fashion. Thermal water and mud treatments are known to have a therapeutic effect that induces a feeling of rejuvenation. All this is complemented by exceptional service from the dexterous staff of the resort.

Good food and healthy eating habits are ingrained in Italian culture. Upholding the essence of the local culture are four restaurants and bars on-site, Franco’s Restaurant, Ristorante La Veranda, Acropoli Pizza & Bar, and their Sunset Lounge. They both offer simple and authentic cuisine with an all-day-dining concept. Drawing inspiration from the island’s seafaring traditions, the dishes served are fresh and locally sourced.


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