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 Located in the magical and culturally abundant country of Peru, Vertical Sky Luxury Suites is an eco-friendly luxury hotel that defies gravity and showcases the breathtaking beauty of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It’s the perfect destination for those looking to connect with their environment while also experiencing the peak of luxury. Three thousand meters above sea level, guests have 360-degree, unobstructed majestic views of rocky cliffs from the comfort of their plush beds or jacuzzis.

During the day, those looking to explore their adventurous side are tempted by an impressive array of activities that are just a few steps away. At this remarkable height, adventurers can experience a multitude of height-defying mountain climbing, ziplining, and walking down an awe-inspiring suspension bridge, sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

At the Vertical Sky Luxury Suites, every detail is thought of. Each room provides amenities and bathrobes made of natural and organic materials. Guests can also choose to have a room with its own private balcony, where the sighting of Andean Condors in their natural habitat is a common occurrence. There is a choice between capsules and domes that genuinely allow you to admire your surroundings. Their capsules allow individuals to bask in life at the altitude at which Condors fly, a truly unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience. And for those who want to be more grounded, their domes are fully covered in windows, allowing something new for you to visually explore everywhere you look and feel as though you are sleeping amongst nature. With the clear blue skies above you, lying down on your uber-soft bed is sure to feel soothing and meditative.

Dining at this impeccably designed escape is nothing short of excellent, as it aims to incorporate locally sourced produce and fresh meals, adding another layer to your replenishing trip. They support fair trade and ecology, meaning that your choice to stay at their hotel is an impactive one.

Their seasonal menus are paired with scenic views that will leave you feeling light and satisfied. Guests who also want to indulge can visit their ‘Riti Bar,’ where you can sip on handcrafted cocktails while breathing in the fresh air of the environment and bond with friends and family. Special dietary needs are also easily met upon request, further making your stay a comfortable and carefree experience.

It’s an incredibly immersive and grounding experience at the Vertical Sky Luxury Suites. The focal point of your stay is the otherworldly nature around you and appreciating its stunning beauty. Visitors will leave feeling rejuvenated and thankful. With its unique accommodation style, individuals can experience the outdoors like no other, spending the day adventuring and ending it with carefully crafted dishes that leave you feeling truly fresh. It is ideal for those looking to break away from their busy city lives and clear their minds with serenity and a calm, caring environment. Whether you’re looking for a private escape, a fun bonding time with your family or friends, or even a grounded couples experience, this hotel is excellent no matter what your personal travel goals are.

The best time of the year to visit is around May to October when the weather is very dry and the skies are clear and sunny. Especially in a location like this, eager guests should aim for the clearest months to truly enjoy the scenery. Booking is made very easy and can be done directly on their official website, where they ensure the best room rates and personalized service.


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