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Best Places To Visit In Australia during Your Summers

Best Places to visit in Australia

Australia is an odd duck for many people around the world. From calling itself home to some of the scariest and weirdest animals, critters, and plants, one of the weirdest things about the country is its inverted system of seasons. Now, for the vast majority of us, July РAugust means peak summer. However, for Australians, it’s the opposite. You see, Australia’s geographical location means that it experiences seasons at the opposite end of the year to most of the countries in the world. That makes August perfect for an Australian winter vacation. 

And there are many attractions in Australia, from coral reefs to lush forests and mountains. But with so many places to choose from, it can be a hassle choosing the best things to do in Australia. That is why, we curated a list of the best places to visit in Australia this year.

Explore the local history of Darwin, Northern Territory

Australia has a rich history, comprising a mix of aboriginal as well as colonial and post-colonial history. Moreover, it is also home to some of the best scenic vistas that show nature in all its glory. And what better place is there, then the city of Darwin, the capital of Northern Territory, to experience all that?

For many of us, Darwin isn’t a place that tops our list of places to visit in Australia, and that is mostly due to its rather sweltering climate for most of the year. However, in the winter months, the weather remains pleasantly warm, making July the ideal month to explore what the city has to offer. 

For the history buffs, the Darwin Aviation Heritage Centre is a great place to learn about Australia’s aerial warfare efforts during the Second World War. And if you fancy yourself a daredevil, then how about a swim with the native crocodiles at Crocosaurus Cove, supervised, of course? 

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Those who love nature however, will find Litchfield National Park, one of the best attractions, more to their taste. As July falls during the dry season for the region, visitors will find that many roads and paths generally inaccessible due to rain are open to explore, making it a great experience exploring the rarely explored wilderness of Australia’s great north. And all within a day’s trip from some of the best hotels in Darwin like the Mindil Beach Casino Resort.

Hit the powdery slopes of Mount Buller, Victoria

Snow in July, who would’ve thought? With many vacationers choosing to spend this prime summer month getting to the beaches and working on their tans, why not do something different and go skiing? Mt Buller tops the list of Australia’s tourist attractions for the winters, with many people visiting the area to enjoy the cold temperatures after the hot months. 

The area is easily accessible via Melbourne, making it a must-visit for both locals and foreign visitors alike. For people who love to ski, the slopes of Mt Buller are some of the best, offering a great challenge to novice or experienced skiers. The tail end of July often results in all of Mt Buller’s slopes being accessible, offering great runs for snowboarders and skiers alike.  But if you want to experience something different, then why not go for a dog-sled ride, or relax in an alpine spa? Or how about a shopping trip to the nearby village, which comes with a side of exclusive luxury for its patrons? 

Overall, Mt Buller offers great value for money, with great dining options, luxurious accommodations, top-tier services and facilities, and easy access from Victoria’s capital, making it one of the best places to explore. 

Experience a natural wonderland in Port Douglas, Queensland

Australia is home to some of the biggest coral formations in the world, known as the world famous Great Barrier Reef. And one of the best places to visit it is via Port Douglas, Queensland. During winter, Port Douglas boasts a balmy weather that stays between the late teens to early twenties. That makes it the perfect time to enjoy an adventure at the reef, or even a trek through the rainforest nearby. 

Moreover, the waters of the region are at their clearest during the season, albeit they are a bit chilly for people looking to enjoy a relaxing swim through the warm waters of Port Douglas. However, if you want to enjoy a swim or even a dive to explore the soft coral formations or the tropical fish local to the area, then August is a great month for it. Most of the dangerous sea creatures like the box jellyfish are only here during the summer months, which for Australia means October through February. 

In short, Port Douglas, Queensland, offers some of the best Australian adventures.

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To conclude

Australia may be known for its kangaroos, koalas, and Steve Irwin. But it is a great place to visit during the winter season for the region. So if you are booking a trip to The-Land-Down-Under this August, why not explore the best places to visit in Australia listed above? 

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