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Haunted Havens: Top 10 Spooky Destinations to Visit in the US

Make your Halloween the spookiest by touring the top 10 spooky destinations in the US.  

These are the places where the echoes of the past linger and restless spirits course through the air. These destinations will haunt your dreams. They are gateways to unsettling aspects of the past, where history and horror collide. So, prepare to have your senses overwhelmed and your dreams haunted. Take that journey to where the lines between the living and dead blur into an unforgettable tour.

The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

Unearth the spine-tingling stories and inspiration behind Stephen King’s “The Shining.” Walk through the imposing hallways of Stanley Hotel cloaked in eerie silence. You’ll discover echoes of footsteps and creaking, weathered floorboards. Here, unseen souls tread the corridors, tracing their frigid fingers on every human. 

Step into the extraordinary world of “The E.R. Perkins Séance Party,” brought to you by Aiden Sinclair’s Underground between 27th and 31st October 2023! This soirée is a nod to Victorian Spiritualism and elegant parlor gatherings. Feast on the eerie tales and mystical coincidences. Sprinkled with bizarre rituals and metaphysical humor, the living and the dearly departed here will be in for a good time.

Alcatraz Island, California

Notorious for its ghostly tales, San Francisco tops the charts as one of the USA’s most haunted cities. Some tours unveil spine-tingling stories that unravel the dark past behind today’s enigmatic and unconventional phenomena. These tours are a year-round treat, with some extra-special spooktacular adventures tailor-made for Halloween. Ready to discover San Francisco’s spirited secrets?

Bask in the haunting and lonely silence of Alcatraz island. As though untouched by the outside world, the island stands coldly. Once the wretched cell of the world’s notorious and dangerous prisoners, the cold, damp, and unforgiving feelings linger. Here, the torments of former inmates remain forever etched on the walls. They create a suffocating and oppressive atmosphere.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania

Get ready for Halloween Nights at Eastern State Penitentiary! This spooktacular extravaganza takes you on a hair-raising journey through FIVE spine-tingling haunted houses, all nestled within the eerie confines of a real, abandoned 10-acre prison. Step inside the famous prison walls where decades of mournful howls of tortured inmates still seep through the air. Every cell tells a story of the oppressive weight on incarcerated souls. Feel the unimaginable despair and absorbed anguish permeating your senses as you explore the ruins. 

Enjoy a chilling sip at themed bars and lounges, groove to live performances, and brace yourself for many surprises that’ll send shivers down your spine. Mark your calendars for select nights between September 22 and November 11, 2023, especially between the 24th and 31st of October. Eastern State Penitentiary awaits – are you brave enough to step inside?

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

More than 100 years since the tragic death of the three little girls, but their spirits and countless others linger at the Lighthouse. Tour this haunted historic landmark and feel an uncanny companionship with restless spirits. Hear the light, creepy footsteps, and feel the brush of unseen hands against your skin. Who knows, you might encounter a fully formed ghostly apparition.  

Choose from the Dark of the Moon Ghost Tour, a journey through St. Augustine Lighthouse tower, where you’ll uncover haunting tales from the Light Station’s history. Join the one-hour Lighthouse Ghost Tales tour for a family-friendly option or a deeper dive into the Lighthouse’s spectral history. Take advantage of this bone-chilling encounter with the supernatural!

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The Queen Mary, California

Embark on an ominous journey up the gigantic ship, The Queen Mary. Built in 1936, the Queen Mary today houses many forgotten souls. Feel that sense of eerie movement, sinister scents, and ethereal voices. This is the starting point for encountering many ghost apparitions. The Halloween festival here brings haunted trails, live entertainment, themed bars, carnival rides, and more to this historic, eerie ship. 

This year, explore the belly of “The Grey Ghost,” navigating a storm with sea creatures, escaping pirate invasions on Deepsea Davey’s ship, and wandering into a mysterious pumpkin-filled town. For VIP experiences, discover Captain Shaq’s Secret Hideaway and the Engine Room tour. Enjoy carnival rides and indulge in festive eats and treats to top off this Halloween extravaganza!

The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana

Wander through the antebellum home dubbed one of America’s most haunted homes. It is allegedly the scene of over ten murders. Hence, these haunted grounds offer a ghostly cocktail of eerie symphonies. You’ll smell the unmistakable scents of magnolia, denoting its southern origins. The perfect place to savor the chilling fiesta of the old South tinged with lingering spirits.

This 1796-built residence offers an eerie history, especially focusing on Chloe, the vengeful ghost of a former slave. Legend has it that Chloe, in response to her owner’s mistreatment, poisoned his children. Her spirit, adorned in a white apron and green turban, is rumored to roam the house still. While some may debate the exact number of dark incidents, a chilling atmosphere prevails. Guests report phantom footsteps, the laughter of unseen children, and an inexplicable grand piano that plays an eerie chord until someone enters the room. A night’s sleep here may not be the most restful, but it’s an unforgettable experience.

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky

Built in 1910, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium saw thousands of deaths of people suffering from consumption. So you’ll find ghosts lurking at every corner of this menacing home. Speculations suggest that spirits of former patients and staff forever locked in torment creep down the hallways. 

Prepare for a scary adventure at the Black Orchard Haunted House, where interactive touches take the fear factor up a notch. If you’re ready for a blend of true paranormal intrigue and theatrical thrills, then the Waverly Hills Haunted House is your ultimate Halloween destination. Located at the eerie former Sanatorium on Paralee Drive, this frightful experience is set to kick off the scare season this weekend. Every Friday and Saturday night until October 28, brace yourself for a haunting like no other.

Winchester Mystery House, California

Wander through the two-story and eight rooms of Winchester Mystery House, California. But then the feeling of being watched may threaten to overpower your senses. And as you walk through the maze-like hallways and incredible architecture, you hear the echoes of history and madness. Discover the unsettling blends of whispers, creaky floors,  and faint eerie laughter. You may catch a glimpse of the forgotten lives.

All Hallows’ Eve, a seasonal event on select autumn nights until Halloween, is your chance to explore the “Lost In The House Tour,” a theatrical paranormal investigation within the mysterious Winchester Estate, suitable for ages 13 and up. The tour is accompanied by the “Jack O’ Lantern Trail,” featuring hand-carved pumpkin displays and a captivating light show. Aiden Sinclair performs two shows, “Cartomancy” and “Necromancy,” on October 28, 29, 30, and 31, offering theatrical fortune-telling and paranormal entertainment.


Villisca Axe Murder House, Iowa

One hundred and eleven years since a family of six and their two visitors were bludgeoned to death in their sleep, their tormented souls still haunt the space. As you ascend the threshold, an unshakable dread takes over. You’ll find a chilling and unsettling odor of tragedy in its place. Relieve the brutal act through the lingering anxiety and terrors. See how they permeate the surroundings, ensuring its victims’ last moments are never forgotten. 

The dimly lit interior and sealed doors and windows hint at its unsettling aura. An outhouse in the backyard is a reminder that this place is a portal to another time or tale – the notorious “Murder House.” Daylight tours cater to history enthusiasts, school groups, and the faint-hearted. Those daring enough can embark on overnight tours by reservation, but keeping groups small is advisable for a more comfortable experience. Don’t forget your sleeping bags and, in cooler seasons, warm blankets.

The Lemp Mansion, Missouri

Take a brave tour through the dark and dizzying hallways of the Lemp Mansion. You’ll learn about the tragic history of the Lemp family. Witness the faint sounds of music and whispered conversations around you. Discover startling ghostly knocks, phantom footsteps, and chilly sensations on your arms as if the spirits of the Lemp family accompany you. 

Get ready for the spooktacular event of the year at the Lemp Mansion Halloween Bash 2023! On Saturday, October 28th, from 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM, this is where the Halloween magic happens. With a delicious appetizer buffet, a 4 1/2-hour open bar, live bands to keep the spirits high, and a costume contest with thrilling cash prizes, this bash is where the party’s at. This month, the Lemp Mansion transforms into the ultimate Halloween destination. It’s not just a party; it’s a hauntingly good time!

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