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Discover the world’s finest destinations and exquisite adventures

The Most Unique Places To Visit In Italy

An Italian vacation is a dream for many. It is a country that presents a unique history and rich culture. Architecture and Italian warmth make it one of the most popular European vacation destinations. Ditch touristy places as Italy has its unique charm. Read on to find out what are some of the best unique places to visit in Italy.


Ravenna is one of Italy’s oldest cities and holds a rich cultural significance. With multiple buildings on the UNESCO World Heritage list, Ravenna is a must-visit for an adventurous soul. The city is known for its exquisite golden mosaics as well as the many ancient monuments and structures.

The best way to explore Ravenna is to opt for an informative walking tour of the city. Explore the different areas and learn their history, such as the spot where Dante wrote the famous Inferno, and visit his tomb to pay your respects. Moreover, a guide should be able to show you other unique places to visit around the city, such as the old town quarters, giving you a chance to explore while regaling you with the history and legends behind everything you see. 


Located in the Lombardy region of Italy, Bergamo is a city sometimes overlooked in favor of the region’s capital, Milan. However, it is one of Italy’s most beautiful towns to explore and is considered a hidden gem of the Lombardy region.

Opt for an e-bike tour of the city. These are perfect for exploring the remote villages and settlements around the city’s hills and enjoying nature in all its glory. An exciting way to travel, such tours are completely eco-friendly, dynamic, and open-air.

The best part about it is that you can access any area, including those that limit traffic. Moreover, with an e-bike, you can be on your own, exploring at your own pace.


A great place for adventure aficionados, Dolomites offers a variety of activities to choose from, with hiking being the most popular activity so far

. Even if you are not a big fan of outdoor activities, the Dolomites offer spectacular views.

However, visiting the area via public transport can be quite challenging. The best way to see this amazing destination is a private driving tour. This one-day tour starts from Bolzano, along the Great Dolomites Road, and goes towards Cortina. You can stop to enjoy the scenery or snap pictures on the way, studded with beautiful crystalline lakes, huge summits, and some of the most exquisite mountain passes 


Alberobello is known for its unique conical-roofed huts made of dry stone, called Trulli. Indeed it is one of the most interesting places to visit in inland Puglia, and Italy as a whole. Take a private tour of the area, which will take you to explore the various historical parts of the region.

Follow your tour guide to Rione Monti, a region of Alberobello that boasts over a thousand Trulli buildings. Enjoy the unique building style of the area, and learn about its historical significance. Then, move on to visit Rione Aia Piccola, a perfectly preserved example of an ancient village from medieval times. Finally, round up the tour by visiting the Church of Saint Anthony of Padua, located at the highest point of the city. Take in the historical vibes of the region, snap some pictures, and marvel at the unique experience the city offers. 


Located in the region of Campania, the island is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy. It is so popular that for the better part of the year, the island is overrun with tourists. That is why, the best way to explore the island and its beauties, is on a private boat tour.

Enjoy the exquisite coastline of Capri, right from the pristine water of the bay, away from the crowds. Choose the quietest of reefs and coves, and dive or snorkel in peace, marveling at the dazzling underwater vistas. Moreover, you can also visit areas of the island, such as old Roman ruins and untouched caverns, which can only be accessed via the waters. 

There are many rarely visited sites in the country that get ignored in favor of more popular cities like Milan. But if you are looking for unique places to visit in Italy, then this is the right place to start.

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