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Patagonia Camp: In The Lap Of Nature

Wake up in the lap of nature to the chirp of the birds, humm of the breeze, and joy all about. Go to bed while the starry skies lull you to a restful sleep. Patagonia Camp promises a fun-filled vacation, packed with exciting things to do and sights to see. Adventurers have many kinds of activities to engage in, ranging from those that are quite easy to those that need expertise.

Activities for beginners

Some of the most exquisite activities to indulge in while at the property is the activity ‘Viewpoint The Blues’, a pristine area to relax and absorb the calm of the blue waters of Lake Toro and Porteño. Again, you can opt for the Toro Lake Viewpoint activity, where you get to hike the gentle hills while appreciating the beauty of the Paine Massif and Sierra del Toro. Shore fishing is an exciting activity due to the availability of numerous islands, river mouths, bays, and the advantage of Patagonia Camp being among the top-most fishing points in the area. Hikers can tread the ‘Interpretive Trail’ as they proceed through a deep Magellanic forest path adorned by flowers and iconic trees.

Activities for enthusiasts

Perhaps a little more uphill than the easy level tasks, enthusiasts can check out ‘Historical Patagonia,’ where the native Patagonians lived. You can also go kayaking in Lake Toro to catch a glimpse of the other side of things. A few meters from the camp is Bull Waterfall, a perfect solitary setting to disconnect and rejuvenate.

Activities with a high difficulty level

Only those who have trekked or hiked know the limits of such strenuous activities and are the perfect fit. Explore Maitenes Peninsula as you explore the only native forest in Southern Patagonia. Soak in the views of Lake Toro and Paine Massif, among others. Cross the glistening turquoise of Lake Pehoé and tread the path to Gray viewpoint plonked on the slopes of Mount Paine Grande. Weber Tie offers a remarkable journey towards the conjunction of lakes and rivers as well.

There are activities with a higher difficulty level as well, but that’s up to you to decide when you reach the destination and confirm your itinerary.


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