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10 Most Incredible Luxury Adventure Travel Experiences

Experience the Best of Luxury Adventure Travel Activities

Sometimes, more is more, and the luxurious options can make for the most memorable experiences. From fine dining amid a Middle Eastern desert to sailing the most pristine seas in million-dollar yachts, we’re looking at 10 of the most over-the-top luxury adventure travel experiences for those looking to invest in ultimate luxury and uniqueness.

Dining in Dubai’s Desert

Famous amongst Sultans and Princes, fine dining around camels and the picturesque miles of sand surrounding you is a popular activity for keen luxury vacationers. The entire experience is done in style; drive to your location in Range Rovers, where your gorgeous dining layout is already set out. You can then enjoy a 6-course gourmet meal while belly dancers perform. It’s safe to say this activity is for those looking to have the utmost royal experience.

luxury adventure travel experiences

Driving a Ferrari in the French Riviera

If you’ve got a ‘need for speed’ and love all things adrenaline-inducing, this activity is for you. Impeccable city views, the perfect roads, swirling around stunning mountains, and the endless view of sparkling blue ocean waters, driving a sports car in the French Riviera is not far from perfect. Plus, you can be in control of your experience- getting to some of the most exquisite restaurants or white sand beaches is just a quick drive away.

Catalan Horseback Riding in Barcelona

The Collserola mountains are famous for their sweeping paths of grasslands, shining rivers, and groves of pine trees, making it an ideal route to ride a horse. It’s a calming experience that allows you to be in touch and appreciate nature in its most preserved form. A private guide will accompany you on your equestrian experience with a luxury touch of wine and delicious Spanish delicacies.

A night in the World’s most expensive hotel

The Hotel President Wilson, located in Geneva, Switzerland, is home to the most expensive hotel room: the Royal Penthouse Suite. For an astonishing  $75,000 a night, it’s the pinnacle of luxury, providing you with 12 bedrooms and bathrooms. In hindsight, it’s the perfect deal for groups of luxury travelers looking to have first-class accommodation while exploring the city of Geneva, famous for its extravagance.

An expedition in Antarctica & the South Pole

What is more adventurous than an expedition exploring the iciest, most remote locations globally? Combined with pristine luxury pods, it makes for the ideal experience for daring vacationers. It includes seeing some of the world’s most unique species like Emperor Penguins and scaling untouched snowy mountains while dining and sleeping in style. The Abercrombie & Kent also features extraordinary expeditions and safaris in other unique locations like Kenya, Tanzania, and Egypt.

A Yacht Cruise fit for Royals  in Bosphorus, Istanbul

The Bosphorus River (which divides the East and the West in the center of Istanbul) provides some of the most awe-inspiring views of Mosques, Temples, ancient buildings, and palaces dating back to the Ottoman Empire? What better way to explore these locations than on a luxury yacht, all while the sunbeams on you and the sparkly ocean beneath. Of course, without the exception of fine wine and the ultimate gourmet dining experience.

A Romantic Sunrise Picnic atop the Christ the Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro

The epic view that comes alongside the iconic Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro makes it one of the world’s most famous and stunning landmarks. Instead of frustratingly waiting in line amongst busy crowds, you can be in complete privacy at the feet of Christ the Redeemer while dining on a picnic breakfast on Sugar Loaf Mountain. Secluded with an unparalleled view of Rio’s bustling, vibrant city, this activity makes for one of the most romantic, unique experiences.

Sailing in style in the Komodo Islands

The ‘Dunia Baru’ is a luxe antique vessel that accommodates up to 14 travelers, available for cruising the remote Komodo Islands while stepping down to take part in tailor-made activities- hiking volcanoes to diving in the majestic waters of Indonesia. It’s an expensive experience worth every penny, for it allows you to explore the peaceful nature and culture of the Komodo Islands. Included is a visit to the village where you learn traditional weaving and witness the prehistoric Komodo Dragons up close and personally.

A Private Photoshoot in New York

A short and straightforward but memorable experience is hiring a renowned professional photographer to shoot you in one of the most iconic cities in the world. Feel like a supermodel for a day while posing in Central Park or under the vibrant lights of Times Square and have the photos to keep to remember for years to come.

The Balinese Spa Experience

Nothing screams luxury and relaxation like a lush spa treatment fit for a queen. Step into a Balinese Resort with the soothing sounds of meditation frequencies, candle-lit rooms, and aromatic scents and indulge in lush massages and therapies. There are enough treatments in these 5-star, first-class Indonesian resorts to spend the whole day re-energizing and feeling utmost peace.

The sense of luxury and satisfaction is in the mind. What you choose to do to make you happy ensures emotional and social gratification. Indulge in the luxury adventure travel ideas suggested above to plan a lavish getaway.


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